Car Window Tinting: What Are The Benefits for My Car?

March 2, 2023

The affluent and famous hiding from photographers may come to mind when thinking of automobile window tinting.

And, indeed, one of the reasons automobile window tinting is so well-liked in Hollywood is because of its visual appeal. For the average Joe or Jane, windscreen tinting offers a number of additional advantages, including as being more ecologically friendly, saving money on gas, and keeping you cool during Perth's blistering summers.

We describe what it includes and break down how it will ultimately help your regular trips and your automobile.

What Exactly Is Car Window Tinting?

The term "windscreen tinting" describes the process of covering the inside of a car's windows with a layer of semi-transparent film. Most automobiles today feature tinted windows of various tints,

How Does the Car Window Tinting Process Work?

The windows of the automobile are often cleaned by tinting specialists with soap and water, and any filth is then removed with a sponge or cloth. After properly measuring and fitting the automobile windows onto a master roll of tinting film, the process will continue.

When experts heat-shrink the film using a heat gun, it is a crucial step. This will provide a smooth application and look without endangering the car in any manner. The film is then trimmed to match the window's form after which it is removed and placed on a piece of glass known as the "peel board." Here, the edges are smoothed where they were formerly sharp.

Once the film segments have been suitably formed, the application procedure may begin.

Pros and Cons of Window Tinting

When it comes to window tinting, the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages. When applying a windscreen tint, there are a few things to keep in mind.


Do your study and take the following into consideration before you decide to get your car's windows tinted.

Window Tinting and the Law

It's crucial to make sure you adhere to the legal tint limit when it comes to following the law, especially in Australia. To avoid going too dark and risking steep fines, it is crucial that you first determine what proportion of your car's windows are tinted.

At the moment, Western Australian legislation permits a 35% tint.


Similarly, you want to ensure that your car window tint won’t affect your visibility when driving.

Protection from UV Rays

While driving, window tinting shields your skin, eyes, and overall health from the sun's damaging UV rays.


Tinted windows improve the visibility of the driver by reducing glare from the sun and approaching headlights

Interior Preservation

The inside of your automobile will be less likely to fade since window tint prevents the sun's UV rays, keeping it looking new for a lot longer. Also, this will raise the resale value of your car.

Safety and Security

The plastic tint film could serve as a shield, protecting the glass in the event that it ever breaks. So, it is far more resistant to things like stones striking your windscreen.


Window tinting invariably prevents passersby from seeing inside your car, preserving your privacy as you drive. Also, it increases security because you and your possessions can go unnoticed for longer.

Refreshing Comfort

It's more comfortable to spend time in your car throughout the summer because of the reduced interior temperature that results from filtering out the sun.


When you always have to put your aircon on full blast, it might devour your gas. With window tint, your car will stay cooler for longer, helping you save on petrol and, thus, money in the long run.

Is Car Window Tinting a Good Idea?

You must first comprehend the distinctions between vehicle window factory tint and film tint before selecting whether to get your windows tinted.

For instance, factory tint does not offer as many advantages as film tint. Nonetheless, factory tint will do if you're only interested in aesthetics; however, it's crucial to note that film tint won't provide the same level of cooling or protection.

You should only think about film tint if you want to obtain the most benefits out of tinting your automobile windows. Please keep in mind that many auto manufacturers pre-install factory tint on the majority of their automobiles as a standard feature. As a result, always start by determining your current tint level.

Should I Get My Car Windows Tinted?

Without a question, the benefits of having your car's tint near me outweigh the drawbacks. The advantages of window tint can help you in the long term if you have the money.

Despite the fact that there are DIY options, it is always preferable to consult a professional to make sure you comply with legal requirements and that it is expertly implemented to benefit you for years to come.

Call in the Pros to Get Your Car Windows Tinted

We are specialists in automobile window tinting, repairs, and replacements here at Dean's Autoglass. For all of your windscreen needs in Perth, contact us right now.


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