Cycling, Exercising, and Getting Paid: 4 Apps To Earn On The Go

March 15, 2023

Exercise is an important part of our daily lives. It helps us stay fit, keep healthy, and have a better outlook on life. But what if you could get paid for exercising? With these four apps, you can start earning money while cycling and exercising. Plus, you’ll be able to reward yourself with extra cash!


Evidation is a mobile application that allows individuals to track their health and well-being metrics. Through the app, users can access a range of activities and assessments designed to monitor physical and mental health. These metrics are then aggregated into Evidation HealthScore, allowing users to measure how healthy they are compared to other people like them.

As the analytic data of workouts is being shared with various partners of Evidation, the users get rewarded for it. The app uses a points system where the user is rewarded after each exercise they log. The exercises that can be done are cycling, walking, swimming, and running, making it a great way to stay motivated while doing any type of activity.

When it comes to rewards themselves, the points collected can be exchanged for PayPal cash, a direct deposit to a bank account, or they can be donated to a charity of the user’s choice. There is also a possibility to receive gift cards for the accumulated points, and the inventory for them changes constantly. When you only need 30 minutes of exercise a day to stay healthy, earning from it is the way to go.


HealthyWage is an innovative health and wellness app that combines financial incentives with motivation to help individuals reach their fitness goals. The app allows users to set a goal weight and commit to monthly payments, with the chance to win cash prizes if the goal is met within the pre-determined timeframe.

Users can choose from several different prize options, including cash, gift cards, or even vacation packages. The amount of the prize is based on how long it will take to reach the goal weight, as well as how much money is committed to the goal. This allows users to set their own goals and incentives without having to worry about risking large amounts of money.

HealthyWage also offers a Weight Loss Challenge platform that allows individuals or teams to compete against each other in an effort to reach their goals quickly and efficiently. These challenges allow participants to join teams and compete for cash prizes while also providing a supportive environment that helps individuals stay motivated and accountable.


Honeygain is a passive income application that rewards users for letting the app share the unused internet bandwidth of their devices. The app works automatically on the devices and requires no input from the user. All it takes is downloading the app and installing it.

While the app is not tied to exercise, it can help users earn while they are cycling, running, or doing any other activity. As long as the app itself is running and the user is connected to the internet, Honeygain shares the internet bandwidth and makes money for the user.

Honeygain uses a credits system where each 10 MB of traffic shared is worth 3 credits (and 1000 credits are worth $1). Once the user collects at least $20 worth of credits, they can receive this money directly to their PayPal account or to their crypto wallets using JumpTokens, a cryptocurrency created by Honeygain’s partner and get-paid-to platform named JumpTask.

Charity Miles

Charity Miles is an innovative mobile app that allows users to raise money for their favorite charities while they work out. By simply downloading the app and selecting a charity, users can start earning money for their charity every time they run, walk, or bike - up to 25 cents per mile.

What makes this app particularly special is that all of the donations come from corporate sponsors, meaning that no user has to pay out of pocket for these donations. All users need to do is sync the app with their existing fitness tracking device or smartphone, and they are good to go. Charities get billions of dollars each year, and users can become a part of this without actually paying any money.

In addition to raising money for charitable organizations, Charity Miles also encourages users to stay active during their fundraising efforts. By tracking your exercise miles, you can track your progress over time and set realistic fitness goals that help you reach higher levels of accomplishment - whether it's running a marathon or just becoming more active each day.

Earning money while exercising sounds too good to be true — but it doesn't have to be! There are plenty of apps out there that allow users to earn cash rewards just by tracking their activity and cycling on a regular basis. With these four apps, getting fit has never been so rewarding!


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