Does Investing In Real Estate Safe? In This Economic Meltdown In Pakistan

March 2, 2023

As the Pakistani Rupee is decreasing rapidly, Pakistanis are apprehensive about the exchange rate. In interbank trades, the Pakistani Rupee reaches a record low against the US dollar. Additionally, this situation is prevalent in light of the recent political uncertainty. In such uncertain times, it is essential to make sensible investments. During bad economic times, property investment has become a lifeline for many individuals for various reasons. Since the political upheaval started, inflation in Pakistan has skyrocketed. One of Pakistan's most influential people in business, Mian Muhammad Mansha, has said that FDI is the key to fixing the country's economy. It will boost the nation's foreign currency reserves and stimulate the economy. This blog discusses that it is safe to invest in real estate in this economic meltdown.

Real Estate Sector in Pakistan
Market estimates put the worth of the real estate industry at $300 and $400 billion. Property investment construction accounts for 2% of the country's GDP, and property assets make up sixty to seventy per cent of the nation's income, as reported by the World Bank. Because of its consistent expansion rate, Pakistan's property market holds considerable promise. 

In Pakistan, investing in real estate is an excellent way to ride economic ups and downs. With a sizable outlay of capital, one can access numerous advantages, including high returns, tax deductions, a steady income stream, and much more. 

Is Investing In Real Estate Safe?
Real estate investment can be lucrative through several channels, including rental income, capital appreciation, and business profits. The benefits of a real estate investment include the opportunity for dividends, diversification, stable cash flows, tax benefits, and the chance to take advantage of leverage.

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Inflation Hedging
If the economy is suffering, it's crucial to reduce the likelihood as promptly as possible; doing so through real estate investments helps do just that.  Moreover, since real estate values tend to rise over time, investors should expect a more fantastic selling price when they decide to sell.

In this situation, if buyers have purchased a rental property, they will likely be able to sell it at a higher price later on and insulate themself against devaluation at the same time. Customers won't be in jeopardy even if the threat of inflation persists. In addition to not being at risk in liquid money, the cash will be an investment.

Minimally Volatile
However, unlike the share market or buyer's checking account balance, the worth of their property will not fluctuate drastically over short periods. Therefore, there is no need for concern, as the accurate price of the assets will rise regardless of the fluctuating exchange rate between the dollar and the Rupee. A rise in home values is inevitable, notwithstanding the market's volatility. The depreciation of the Rupee won't have any noticeable impact on their life. Since it has a low instability, real estate is a popular investment during economic downturns.

Increasing Asset Value
When a country is in economic turmoil, more people buy real estate. As a result, they benefit more because they may sell their property whenever they want and still maximise their profit. Because people want to keep their money safe, many invest in assets. If the PKR falls, more money will be willing to be spent on safe investments, driving up prices. Customers gain the most from their transactions as demand increases in a recession. The necessity for heightened security measures to prevent unlawful activity is especially acute.

Consistent Cash Flows
Individuals can get a decent return on their money if they invest in real estate. However, remember that real estate is not a good choice for those looking for instant gratification. Getting back what they put in and then some take a very long time. On the other hand, investing in properties can be incredibly lucrative when people retire. The investors' will have made investments in a way that guarantees their purchasing power regardless of fluctuations in the currency's value or the rate of inflation. One should expect even greater profits from real estate investments in times of economic hardship.

Tax Benefits
By purchasing real estate, one can avoid paying excessive taxes. In addition, a substantial percentage of exclusions can help anyone save significant cash. It is because the economic price of the property can only improve over time, even if its aesthetic value declines. In addition, since the cost of buying and renovating a property investment can be appreciated over its service life - for example, 27.5 years for investment apartments - investors can reap the benefits of substantial reductions to decrease the tax liability.

Portfolio Diversification
Don't put all your money in one place; diversification is a cornerstone of sound financial management. The answer is obviously yes, and the reason is that diversification reduces overall risk. You don't have to diversify your portfolio into various investments just because of this. As a means of diversifying their portfolios, many people choose to invest entirely in real estate. There is little doubt that property investment is a relatively risk-free investment option.

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Housing Scarcity
It has become increasingly difficult to afford a home in many countries, but Pakistan's position is inferior even by international standards. To the Pakistani Bureau of Statistics' Household-Integrated Economic Survey, the typical urban Pakistani family has 1.9 earning members and a total monthly income of about PKR 53,000. Assuming 12 months of employment, this would amount to PKR 636,000. That presumes the typical person possesses the financial wherewithal to put twenty per cent on the house and subsequently be eligible for a loan on that dwelling, which is possible in theory but complicated in practice. The lack of available homes and the underdevelopment of the construction, materials, and associated sectors have far-reaching economic consequences.

Making an investment choice during an economic downturn is difficult, but everyone should consider spreading their financial risk by spreading their income. One option is to buy real estate, which could be helpful in times of severe currency depreciation.  Real estate investments have long been considered a prudent hedge against currency depreciation. However, it's never late to invest in a purchase of the real estate, though, because there are still many opportunities available. Compared to the swiftness of stock and bond trading, the duration of real estate transactions is far greater. Investing in real estate is, in general, a great strategy to maintain a steady stream of income regardless of the state of the economy. Investing in real estate has many advantages, which we strongly recommend. In addition, some claim that putting money into real estate may shield individuals from economic catastrophe.

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