E-Scooter: Solution to Traffic

March 2, 2023

Cars are slowly making roads their own. Due to their perceived convenience, more people are investing in them to take them places. The result? Traffic jams that were never envisioned years ago.

If you are among those who want to escape the horrors of being stuck in heavy traffic, getting an electric scooter is the solution.

But how can electric scooters help decongest heavy traffic?

E-Scooter: Solution to Traffic

A European poll showed more people are getting into e-scooters. The driving factor behind this trend is that e-scooters and electric bikes are becoming great options for moving around the city. They are small, affordable, and can squeeze anywhere.

But since they are relatively new, most individuals have yet to warp their minds around the idea of getting from their home to anywhere riding an e-scooter.

If you are looking for reasons, what factors can convince you to pick up an electric scooter?


Most individuals think e-scooters are for kids. However, anyone can find them useful in their daily routines. Anyone can find riding an electric scooter easy. It is also portable and can be tagged along everywhere, even when you need to ride a train.

Electric scooters are still fairly new. But manufacturers have been working hard to make them a dependable mode of transportation. They are putting in the effort to make electric scooters more capable of battling with other vehicles on the road.

The Kaabo Wolf King+ Electric Scooter is one of the most popular e-scooters. Why? This electric scooter is not called the SUV of electric scooters for no reason.

It features a motor capable of producing a maximum output of 6720W. This power lets you ride at a top speed of 60 miles per hour. Additionally, it comes with an LG/Samsung battery allowing you to travel for up to 90 miles on a single charge.

Uses the Bike Lane

In some locations, e-scooters don’t take up a portion of the road. Bike lanes allow you to skip the horrors of fighting with car drivers for road space.

However, using bike lanes still depend on local regulations. Some places do allow electric scooters and electric bikes to use these lanes. So, it is best to check with your local authority if e-scooters are permitted on bike lanes.

No Need For Parking Space

While not directly related to resolving traffic jams, e-scooters also do not need their own parking space. It means no more wasting time looking for the perfect parking spot.

Most electric scooters come foldable. This feature allows you to easily fold it and find a spot in your home or near your workspace at the office.

If this is a must-have feature for you, the Futura Hiley LITE Electric Scooter comes with a smart folding system. This feature allows it to be compact, which allows for easy carrying and storage anywhere.

This Futura e-scooter does not stop at its smart folding feature. It also comes with a 400W motor, 10-inch tires, and a drum brake for those moments you need to suddenly halt.


Traffic jams are not only wasting your valuable time. It also contributes to air pollution and global warming in general.

With hundreds of cars on the road, all produce a significantly high level of carbon dioxide emissions. This pollution can be responsible for any illnesses, which you have a higher chance of getting while stuck in heavy traffic.


Of course, not everything about e-scooters is flowery. There are still issues that need to be sorted out. Here are some reasons why it is still confusing to own an e-scooter.

Traffic Accidents

A Finnish study found riding on an e-scooter increases the chances of getting into an accident. This number is significantly higher compared to the risk faced by those on a bicycle or a motorcycle.

E-scooter riders are not the only victims here. In some cases, they can also cause injury to others.

Unclear Status

As previously mentioned, governments have yet to lay down how they should treat e-scooters. Most are still confused over to categorize them as non-motor bicycles or motorized bikes.

The good news is many are slowly developing regulations to ensure your safety on the road. But since everything is still vague, it is best to check your local ordinances affecting electric scooters.


Electric scooters are the future. It helps reduce your environmental impact and gets you to places faster. Additionally, you don’t need to speed another dollar on fuel.

At Futura, we have the best selection of e-scooters in town. Each of our offerings comes with something unique that fits the need of any individual.

Pick one from our many electric scooter offerings and let “getting stuck in traffic” be a thing of the past!


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