Everything to Know About Fire Extinguisher Training as Part of OSHA's Requirements

March 12, 2023

Just imagine your employee is heating lunch in the office pantry and becomes so distracted when another workmate pulls them away. When they returned to the pantry, the appliance caught fire, and they panicked.

If an employee doesn't know how to handle a situation like that, they'll use kitchen towels or another fire remedy. Little did they know they could use the fire extinguisher, but it was already too late. Because the moment they aimed for the fire extinguisher, the fire began creeping up, and they'll probably have a hard time pulling the pin.

Do you know what's lacking? The employee has never been trained to use a fire extinguisher. Worse, they'll end up getting into the hospital.

So, what if this exact scenario happens in the business? Do your employees know how to handle fire and use the fire extinguisher? Well, if it's not – that's when the OSHA would help you. It requires employers to provide fire extinguishers based on the types of fires. Because even online OSHA training would provide education on how to use it correctly.

In this blog, let us take a closer look at the requirements of OSHA for fire extinguisher training. So, without further delay, let's get started.

Why is OSHA Fire Extinguisher Training Required?

Fire extinguishers are simple tools to prevent major fires in a workplace. Unfortunately, not everyone in the workplace knows how to use this tool correctly. It would be helpful for employees to be trained and use their learning in using a fire extinguisher. This will ensure they can react confidently when there's a fire emergency.

It would be a good idea for employers to initiate and obtain the OSHA safety certification for hands-on fire training. This would make a big difference in the entire safety of the employees and the overall workplace.

But the question is, is OSHA safety training required? Well, the answer depends on the situation. If you want to ensure that employees can use a fire extinguisher effectively, training would still be best.

Always remember that it's the responsibility of employers to provide an educational program to employees, even if it's online OSHA training. This will make sure they are all familiar with the fire extinguisher basics, as well as the fire-fighting hazards.

Hands-on Fire Extinguisher Training – A Better Understanding

This training defines education as knowing skills or knowledge through systematic teaching. It doesn't mean it needs formal classroom training, as there is already online OSHA training. And at a minimum, employers should teach workers the proper use of a fire extinguisher and even the hazards of early-stage frights.

OSHA does not require hands-on training. They can have it through safety videos, informational brochures, toolbox talks, and even online OSHA training for fire extinguisher courses. With that in mind, OSHA standards undercutting, welding, and brazing state must be located nearby during work. It's where the OSHA standards become relevant, and employees who are designated to use fire-fighting equipment must be trained to earn the OSHA training certification.

Is OSHA Hands-on Training Required?

The portable fire extinguisher training must include hands-on instruction to become effective. But that doesn't mean starting real fires to create emergency fire situations. The hands-on training does not equate to having the fire demonstration.

As a minimum requirement, hands-on training should also teach how to discharge the fire extinguisher the right way for any type of fire. This only means that employees should learn how to carry out or discharge a portable fire extinguisher as part of the training.

How can an Employee Obtain Fire Extinguisher Training?

As an employer, you can invest in the safety of your employees when they have the OSHA safety certification. It's for fire extinguisher training. You may encourage your staff to enroll in relevant courses to help them prevent fires and to save lives. The training should also teach them how to use, especially discharge, the tool properly when needed.

To Wrap It Up

We would all agree that fires are unpredictable. A thorough fire extinguisher training program will help the business and ensure that your employees are safe and know how to fight emergencies effectively. They should know that the fire extinguisher training requirements are simply fulfilling and important, like all other OSHA requirements.

The training will empower the employees regarding decision-making when a fire happens and help them get out safely. Ultimately, it's the safety and life of the person that matters. It would all be worth it once a person is well-trained enough.


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