Faker LOL Impact on the Development of the Mid Lane Role in League of Legends

March 17, 2023

League of Legends has become a global phenomenon in the esports world, and Faker is undoubtedly one of the most dominant players in the game's history. Faker's impact on the development of the mid lane role in League of Legends cannot be overstated, as he has revolutionized the way the game is played in this position.

First-rate faker lol mastery of the champion pool and game mechanics has set a new standard for professional players aspiring to become the best mid laners in the world. Faker's innovative strategies and gameplay style have inspired other players to adapt and evolve, leading to a more diverse and dynamic mid lane meta.

The Mid Lane Role Before Faker

Before Faker emerged as a dominant mid laner, the mid lane role in League of Legends was primarily focused on wave control and farming. Mid laners were expected to farm as much gold as possible, and they often chose champions with strong wave clear abilities.

Faker's Impact on the Mid Lane Role

  • Aggressive Playstyle

Faker is known for his aggressive playstyle, which is characterized by his willingness to take risks and make bold moves. He is not afraid to go for a kill or dive under a tower to secure a kill. This type of playstyle was not common in mid lane before Faker's rise to fame. Most mid laners played defensively, focusing on farming and waiting for the right opportunity to strike. Faker's aggressive playstyle changed this, forcing other mid laners to adapt and become more aggressive in their playstyle.

  • Vision Control

Another way in which Faker has influenced the mid lane role is through his vision control. Vision control is the act of placing and destroying wards to gain information about the enemy team's movements. Faker is known for his exceptional vision control, which allows him to roam the map and make plays without being detected by the enemy team. This type of vision control is essential for mid laners, who need to be able to roam the map and exert pressure on other lanes.

  • Team Fighting

Faker's impact on team fighting cannot be overstated. He is known for his exceptional team fighting skills, which he uses to turn the tide of games. Faker's team fighting skills are a result of his ability to read team fights and make quick decisions based on the situation. His positioning, target selection, and ability usage are all top-notch, allowing him to deal massive amounts of damage in team fights.

  • Champion Pool Diversity

Faker's champion pool is one of the most diverse in the game. He is known for his proficiency on a wide range of champions, from assassins like Zed and LeBlanc to mages like Syndra and Orianna. This champion pool diversity is important for mid laners, who need to be able to adapt to different team compositions and play styles. Faker's ability to play multiple champions at a high level has set the standard for mid laners around the world.

  • Influencing the Meta

Faker's impact on the mid lane role can be seen in the way he has influenced the meta. The meta refers to the most popular and effective strategies and champions in the game. Faker's dominance on champions like Zed and LeBlanc led to these champions becoming popular in the mid lane meta. Similarly, Faker's vision control and aggressive playstyle have become staples of the mid lane meta. Other mid laners have tried to replicate Faker's success by playing these champions and using his strategies, which has led to a more dynamic and exciting mid lane meta.

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