Guide 101: A Comprehensive Guide About Installing The Solar Panels

March 22, 2023

Installing a solar panel can help you save on electricity bills and have a continuous power supply without being affected by usual power outages and eventualities like load shedding. If you are in an area with good accessibility to sunlight, like the equatorial belt or even the tropics, investing in solar panels could be the exact thing you need to ensure a continuous power supply. If you are building a structure, renovating, or just working on your power systems, you could think of a solar panel.

The next big thing has to do with installation. Like all devices, solar panels also have procedures for installing them. There is no need to worry if you don’t have the time and interest to hack the process. You can also learn the process and do it yourself with the perfection of an expert as long as you pay attention to details.

Preparation For Solar Panel Installation

The first consideration to take care of is the preparation for this great project. You can prepare for the installation of solar panels in the following ways:

Guesstimating Your Electricity Bill

Before you embark on the actual process of installing solar panels, analyze to ascertain your approximate expenditure on electricity. A twelve month average can reflect a good balance because energy consumption varies across months. Knowing your electricity bills can help you know your energy consumption capacity in kilowatts and help you determine the capacity of the panel you need to install. You can also understand how much you should commit to this project based on your needs and finances.

Conducting a Feasibility Study

A technical and feasibility study is needed before embarking on the process. Conduct studies to check the building and determine the kind of appliances you must put in place. Get to know the number of potential beneficiaries and decide what will be sufficient for the population. Check around to detect your project's challenges and make workable plans to deal with them. Inspect the site and ensure you are assured of sufficient access to sunlight. A feasibility study should help you decide whether you can switch to solar-driven energy.

Settling On a Company to Work With

It is good to get on with the project after settling on a company to work with to provide the panels and any technical input that may be needed. Your exact needs and budget will influence the company you choose. The Melbourne Energy Group can help you do it all. With long-term experience, they remain an industry-leading commercial and residential solar installer. They also offer partner installations where they provide solar installations for several energy partners within the solar industry.

Melbourne Group has demonstrated experience designing solar system layouts for optimal energy output and installing the system to the highest safety and quality standards. It boasts extensive experience expanding across the rooftop, ground-mount, multisite, off-grid solar PV, and battery storage installations.

Solar Energy Derivation Efficiency

Solar energy derivation efficiency involves answering, “Is my home efficient and a good fit for solar?” You can answer this question efficiently only if you conduct a careful home audit to uncover issues that make your home less efficient. Correct everything that needs to be corrected and cut off every unnecessary energy demand. Some hacks include switching to energy-efficient lighting and appliances and weatherizing your home. Other efficiency concerns concern rooftop orientation and its angle; can it tap enough sunlight or be exposed to shadows? It would be inefficient to install solar panels when your solar energy is inefficient.

Once you have done your assignment well in preparing and planning, you are ready to launch the project. Let us see the steps you can follow to have your solar panel in place.

Step By Step Guide to Install a Solar Panel

Step 1: Mount Installation

Fix the mounts that support the solar panels based on the requirement, i.e., Roof-Top or Ground mounts. The mounts provide support and security to the solar panels and protect them from sliding over. They should be fixed to ensure maximum exposure to the sunlight from whence the energy will be obtained.

Step 2: Install the Solar Panels

After fixing the mounts, you are ready to install the panels. Fix the solar panels to the mounting framework and secure it safely by tightening it using bolts, nuts, or whatever mechanism you have in place. The aim is to have it strong enough to last long.

Step 3: Electrical Wiring

You can do the electrical wiring when the panels have been safely fixed onto the mounting structure. Electrical wire mounting for all solar panels is best done using universal connectors. The panels are to be connected in a twofold series:

  • In Series: Connect the positive (+) wire to one PV module and the negative (-) wire to another. Series connection increases the voltage match and battery bank.
  • In Parallels: Connect positive (+) wire to positive (+) wire and negative (-) wire to negative (-) wire. The parallel connection does not affect the voltage.

Step 4: Solar Inverter Connection

Connect the positive (+) wire from the solar panel to the positive (+) terminal of the inverter and the negative (-) wire from the solar panel to the negative (-) terminal of the inverter.

Step 5: Connect the Solar Inverter And the Solar Battery

Connect the positive terminal of the battery to the positive terminal of the inverter and the negative terminal of the battery to the negative terminal. It is vital to note that the battery is needed in the off-grid solar system to store the electricity backup.

Step 6: Connect the Solar Inverter to the Grid

Connect the solar inverter to the grid, making the connection with the help of a basic plug connected to the main power switchboard. After securing this connection, ensure that the output wire connects to the electric board that supplies electricity to the home.

Step 7: Start Solar Inverter

This marks the final step. You have completed the wiring and connections and can now start the inverter. Check the digital display to ensure you can see the stats regarding the generation and usage of the solar unit. It is time to generate power and forget about electricity bills forever.


Installing a solar panel is an excellent way to tap natural resources while cutting perpetual electricity bills. You can do this independently or hire multiple expert companies offering installation services. This article provides tips on preparation for solar panel installation and a step-by-step guide on having everything in place.

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