How Can Counsellors Help You Get Out Of Any Trauma?

March 24, 2023

Trauma is a mental pain or suffering that occurs from any undesirable or terrifying event in life, such as an accident, rape, assault, or humiliation. This prevents the person from living a healthy lifestyle by giving an emotional response to that past event. These people are intimidated by certain conditions or situations which are similar to the past terrifying situation but generally not harmful. This gives long-term psychosis to the person facing this problem.

The person develops deep fear in his/her subconscious mind about something which is in real life not harmful or terrifying. If your suffering has become unmanageable and you are in continuous anxiety or fear, then it is better to seek medical help. You can visit trauma counselling Central London to get off this terrifying phase of your life and resume your happy and pleasing life.

How Does The Psychiatrist Or Counsellors Treat Your Trauma?

There are many steps to treat this disorder to completely unroot the real problem. This mental disorder can be treated in multiple phases based on the level of the sickness. So take a look at the points below to know how the counsellor heals your trauma.


The first and foremost thing the counsellor does is assess the patient. They take a detailed assessment of the symptoms before coming up with a solid treatment procedure. The assessment requires a complete analysis of the patient's behaviour and personality. This is because every person responds differently to the same situation.

For example, if a person faces physical assault on a dark street at night, then he may strongly retaliate by coordinating with a local authority in that place to provide better law and enforcement, while a person with a different personality may develop a deep-rooted fear of dark places, especially the dark streets. So the counsellor identifies these different personality traits.

It is also important to know the roots of the suffering because without identifying the real root of the cause, it is impossible to heal it. So the counsellor goes deep into the patient's subconscious mind to know him.

Talking Therapy

Many trauma or mental suffering can go away through talking therapy. In this treatment, the counsellor talks to the patient and wants to know what he thinks and how he feels. At first, the counsellor tries to comfort him and then counsels him that what he is feeling is not real and he will not be harmed in any of the situations similar to the terrifying situation he faced in the past. The person who met with a car accident may fear travelling in a car, and hence the counsellor will try to make him understand that travelling in a car is not harmful as he travels a lot and has never faced any issues. Those reasonable statements shall compel the patient to think about what is real and what is unreal, and hence the person's health improves.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural therapy is a psychotherapeutic treatment that helps people identify their negative or destructive thoughts pattern and the reasons for the mental and emotional distress in their life, and then therapy is applied to change the negative thought pattern by changing their behaviour.

So behaviour and thinking both influence each other. This therapy is widely used by counsellors or psychiatrists in treating various problems such as depression, anxiety, trauma, and many more.


The counsellor may prescribe you the medicine by looking at your case or can give you both medication and therapy. This is because not everyone responds similarly to a different therapy, so to calm the person down and to slowly perish the disorder, they give different medications.

These medications may be tranquillizers that can go for a longer duration, and it is recommended not to discontinue the medicine without consulting the doctor. The doctor may increase or decrease the dose by continuously evaluating the patient's improvement.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is unique but solid psychotherapy to enrich the life of the patient who is undergoing severe mental pain and suffering. Different art can calm the person by impacting the person's subconscious mind.

You can take the help of art therapy to boost your self-esteem and dignity and cope with your stress by expressing yourself with different art forms. It is an applied psychology theory helping people to heal not only trauma but other problems such as depression, stress, and bipolar disorder.

Final Thoughts on Dealing With The Trauma

Dealing with the trauma could be difficult and emotionally unstable. You should seek medical help before it gets worse and always be supportive of the counsellor. Hiding the facts or not expressing your thoughts could do the reverse. You can also choose different therapy, such as art therapy at art therapy Central London which could be a wonderful option for expressing yourself in different ways and enjoying the social situation if you have secluded yourself with terrifying trauma and fear.

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