How to Effectively Backup Your Office 365 Data

March 17, 2023


Can you really back up Office 365 data? Yes, sure, you can. Office 365, or Microsoft 365, is a suite of cloud apps offered by the tech giant Microsoft. The cloud applications that come with the Office 365 suite help to improve productivity, collaboration, and file sharing between teams in an organization. 

There are third-party applications that allow you to back up Office 365 data effectively. Interestingly, some of these Office 365 backup tools integrate extensive features and utilities that come in handy for different needs. Using Office 365 backup solutions keeps you in charge of your data. A typical Microsoft 365 backup tool to use is SpinOne. 

Do You Need a Third-Party Office 365 Backup Tool?

There are many reasons to backup your Office 365 data even though the suie offers native backups. As a cloud suite, the Office 365 suite is offered with a cloud backup solution from Microsoft. So, many people who use the suite do not think they need a third-party backup solution. Well, you do need one, and there are a number of reasons why you should. 

While Office 365 allows you to save all your productivity files and data in one place, what it lacks is the ability to let you “recover” those files and data if, peradventure they go missing. Microsoft 365 comprises MS Office, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Teams, and pretty many other business tools, including Outlook Mail. 

You can access the suite on your mobile devices via the native mobile app versions for all mobile OSes, or over the web, if you’re using a laptop/computer. Now, seeing that there are loads of important data that can be transmitted to the Microsoft 365 suite, it is advisable to integrate an application that will come in handy in data loss scenarios. 

Yes, Microsoft offers a cloud storage platform, OneDrive, but what it basically does is synchronize your files over the cloud. Also, Microsoft 365 has data redundancies to safeguard everything you share, but the reliability of these native “data security” features is minimal. If you really lose an important file, and it took a bit longer before you remember, these native Office 365 solutions may not save you the day.

Notwithstanding, Microsoft 365 is a great suite for businesses and freelance teams that work collaboratively on projects. The suite comes with virtually everything you need to be more productive in a work environment and improve in-house communications and collaborations. All these being said, data backups cannot be overemphasized and so, you should integrate an Office 365 backup tool, too. 

How to Effectively Backup Your Office 365 Data

Firstly, you need to install a third-party Microsoft 365 backup tool and grant it access to your suite. SpinOne is a perfect choice out of the lots out there, thanks to the multiple features and automated data backup process it offers. With the SpinOne tool, your backups will occur automatically, and you can easily get back these backups at any time.

Also, the SpinOne Office 365 backup tool offers you unlimited secure cloud storage. When restoring with SpinOne, it restores the files as they were – using the same folder hierarchy as with the original and with 100% accuracy. So, in the case of data loss, you can come to the SpinOne tool and get back the lost files. 

Here’s a guide to using SpinOne Office 365 backup tool to safeguard your important files saved on Microsoft 365 apps:

  • Download SpinOne Office 365 on your computer system and complete the signup/onboarding process.
  • Grant SpinOne access to your Office 365 suite
  • Set up the backup frequency and pattern
  • Every other thing can be monitored and adjusted from the SpinOne admin dashboard, which is pretty intuitive and easy to navigate. Seems very simple? Yes, it actually is. 

Tip: SpinOne will secure all your Outlook Messages, OneDrive Files, Contacts, and Calendar events all in one place.

Does Office 365 Have Backups?

Yes, Microsoft 365 runs an automated backup every 12 hours and the backed up data is synchronized across all devices where the suite is being used. The purpose of creating an additional (external) backup is simply to have another place your important files are saved. 

So that, if for any reason you can’t find a missing file from the native MS365 backup, you can fall back to the third-party tool and have your file(s) back. The SpinOne tool is purpose-built for backing up Office 365 data, which means it offers more than what Microsoft’s native backup tool does. 


This article clearly explains how to effectively back up your Office 365 data using a reliable and intuitive third-party tool. The importance of taking this step cannot be overemphasized – if you have ever lost an important and couldn’t get it back anymore, you’d definitely understand how painful such scenarios can be, and wouldn’t want to experience that, again.

Apparently, there are many other Office 365 backup tools out there, but SpinOne remains the best out of the list because it comes with more features and data security techs. SpinOne backs up your Office 365 data up to three different times per day – nothing is left out!


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