How to lock files and folders with password? [Quick Method]

March 17, 2023

You can conceal or password-protect your personal files and folders if you share your computer with others but do not want them to have access to it. WinRAR, the industry-standard archive manager, will be used throughout this essay. Besides decompressing RAR and ZIP files, it can also compress and back up your data. Built-in password protection allows you to securely save sensitive data on your PC.

How can I password-protect folders and files in WinRAR on my PC?

It is recommended that you download WinRAR here from this page. Please be aware that this is NOT a free program. You should go ahead and buy it. A one-time payment gets you a license for a single user. Here are the steps you need to do to secure your files using this program on your computer.

To use WinRAR to lock a single file on your computer, simply right-click the file in Windows Explorer and select the appropriate option from the context menu. Password-protecting a folder is an easy way to safeguard a collection of files and documents.

  • Simply select "Add to archive" from the aforementioned drop-down menu's context menu. A box asking for an archive's "Archive name and settings" appears.

How to Encrypt Files on a PC:

  1. Name the archived copy of the file;
  2. Choose the compressed archive format (RAR, RAR, or ZIP);
  3. To encrypt your files, use the Lock button.

Password-protecting archives in WinRAR

If you want to see the password as you type it in when you use a password to protect your files, be sure to select the "Show password" option. If you're concerned about the privacy of your data, you should turn on the "Encrypt file names" option so that other people can't view the names of your encrypted files or the list of encrypted files.

There are literally hundreds of file compression and archiving applications available for Windows right now, but not all of them are created equal. Even though there are several options for compressing files, WinRAR is by far the most popular.

Although WinRAR advertises a free trial period, there are no time limits on the free version of the program. In terms of web-based compression and archive tools, WinRAR is among the most popular.

WinRAR makes it simple to open and generate ZIP and RAR archives. Other compressed file formats can be decompressed as well. The tool is open-source and allows users to create encrypted, self-extracting, and multipart archives, all without paying a dime.

And that's the whole thing! Finished with you. Learn how to use WinRAR's password protection features by following these steps.

In terms of convenience, WinRAR is your best bet for adding password protection to your files. WinRAR makes it easy for anyone to encrypt their most sensitive data in a matter of seconds. Thanks for reading, and I hope you found it useful! If you think it would be helpful to others, please forward it to them. Please leave your questions or concerns in the space provided below.

Emiy Watson

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