Indian Fashion male Model Karan Oberoi Hair Style’s! Pictures, hair secrets, and tips

March 11, 2023

Indian fashion male model Karan Oberoi, often adored by his fans for his adorable pictures and videos on Instagram and Twitter, but his hair’s secret has been a matter of interest for many years since he got into modelling in 2011. So, he is often seen styling his short hair neatly gelled and combed, which gives him quite a sophisticated look. Karan Oberoi, an Indian fashion model, fitness model and a comedian, has been an eye candy for a very long time, and people are curious about his hair. In this article, we shall share some of the best pictures of Indian Super model Karan Oberoi with different hair styles and hair grooming tips.

Fashion Model Karan Oberoi hair

Anyone who has seen Karan Oberoi’s pictures across the internet or on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook can definitely make out that his hair looks different in every picture often seen combed and used hair gel or waxed nicely. The model once spoke about his hair secret and how he manages to keep them nicely on social media. He has got damped curly hair and he makes sure he shampoos and conditions them daily. After a regular shower, he dries them with a towel and uses wet look hair gel with number 4 strength which doesn’t just give a wet look to the hair but also gives the volume and strength and thereafter uses the comb to give a nice and tidy look.

According to Indian male super model Karan Oberoi, who is known today for his beautiful pictures shared on social media pages, says he has been eating foods rich in vitamin C, B12 and E, non-fried food and also drinking a lot of water has really helped him to keep the hair just like a young teen at the age of 35.  It is very important to eat less oily, low sugar and low salt to have great hair. Karan Oberoi also spoke on his Instagram handle that any sort of physical activity, majorly cardio activities too play a pivotal role in having great and healthy hair. Karan has curly hair and makes sure he gets them cut on time after every 20 days. He emphasizes not to use any bad product or inferior quality hair gel that can spoil hair in the long run. He is often adored for a short spiky look and also side part ways. He also makes sure he oils them once a week. He majorly uses virgin olive or coconut oil on his hair.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind to have great hair like a model:

1. Get the hair cut after every 20 days or once a month.

2. Make sure you keep your hair clean, especially if you are in fitness, as excessive sweating can hamper the hair quality.

3. One should not wear a sports cap often as hair needs oxygen, and covering hair with a cap might lead to hair loss.

4.  Make sure to use good quality hair gel or wax.

5. Also, make sure to clean your hair after you come back home if you have used gel on hair.Karan oberoi (model)

6. Hair spa doesn’t do any harm and makes sure to go once in 15 days.

7.  If you are fond of colouring your hair, also make sure to use an ammonia free colour as they don’t lead to hair fall and baldness.

8.  Taking one capsule of Biotin or antioxidant a day is really great for your hair.

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