Interesting Inspirations Behind the Charmed show

March 4, 2023

The Charmed show was received with the best emotions by people worldwide. The enthusiasts of horror movies loved every bit of it due to its amazing scenes. The show focuses on witches, some of the major characters in horror films. When watching this series, you might wonder what inspired the writers to create it. Let’s take a deeper look at the inspirations of this film.

The Beauty of Feminism

Feminism is one of the major factors that inspired the show’s storyline. When watching films, some people judge them according to the societal issues displayed. Feminism has been a strong backbone for gender equality and other issues affecting women. Therefore, including feminism in a show is key to making people love it.

The showrunner, Brad Kern, understands the strength of girl power in society. People tend to support issues depicting women's strength; therefore, creating a show which depicts this concept would be a win in society. Charmed focuses on girl power, as shown by the unity of the main characters, all women. Additionally, the show avoids the stereotypical notion of women, hence making it a good fit as an example of films promoting feminism.

Witches Are Common in Horror

When creating horror films, the writers ensure to write a story that suits the genre that would interest the viewers. If the story is not interesting enough to suit the genre, people might not be interested in viewing it. Fortunately, this is not the case for Charmed because it incorporates the use of witches. Witches are among the common characters in this story. Therefore, watching the film creates enough curiosity to keep an individual interested.

The writers could have chosen other scary characters, but films depicting witches have received a great audience in the past. Therefore, they knew that creating a story with well-known characters would spark the interest of their viewers. This is one of the reasons the show received positive feedback from many people. Individuals on social media talked about Charmed's beauty and called it one of the best shows involving witches.

Inspiration From 1996’s Craft Show

The witchcraft-centered film got a lot of inspiration from the horror movie, Craft. Women have been the villains in horror movies depicting witches for centuries. Therefore, the Craft film inspired Charmed to choose characters that would suit the necessities of horror films. In most cases, magical powers depicted in real life and in films involve women. These characters tend to bring out the intended fear of such movies.

Two years later, following the release of The Craft, the Charmed show was released. According to fans of horror films, this was not just a coincidence. The Craft attracted a huge audience and got a high rating. Therefore, it is believed that the Charmed was created following a similar notion that its inclusion of witches would attract a huge audience. Well, this was the case because the film was reviewed with positive emotions from all over the world.

When creating films, directors and writers try their best to ensure it suits the intended genre. This was the case with Charmed. Its inspiration from different areas made it possible to achieve this purpose.


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