Interesting museums in Poland

March 22, 2023

Do you know Poland, one of the European countries? There are many interesting museums where you can learn about Polish history and culture. Here are selected museums in Poland. Interesting facts ciekawostki about museums in Poland. Torun, Wroclaw, Bydgoszcz, Malbork, Stalowa Wola...

Bydgoszcz. Museum of Soap and History of Dirt

Before people who came here start visiting the museum, I can participate in a workshop and he made small soaps with his own hands, which I will take home with me. Then there is a guided tour of the museum. It tells about the history of caring for cleanliness in different periods. From antiquity through the Middle Ages to modern times.

Oporow. Castle Museum

This castle is a small late Gothic defensive residence. It was built in the mid-15th century and is located on an island surrounded by a moat. Since 1949, the castle has been a museum, there are arts and crafts from various eras. Also works of art created between the 16th and 20th centuries.

Torun. The Living Gingerbread Museum

It is the first interactive facility of this type in Europe. It commemorates the history of the famous Polish delicacy - Toruń gingerbread. On the first floor of the museum there are exhibits from the Middle Ages and you can prepare and bake gingerbread cookies yourself, according to an old recipe. On the second floor, you can see how the manufactory where gingerbread was baked looked like at the beginning of the 20th century. There are original German gingerbread baking machines, a historic oven and other items.

Stalowa Wola. Regional Museum

The museum is located in the neoclassical Lubomirski Castle from the 18th century and is surrounded by a beautiful garden. The museum collects and makes available exhibits related to the history of the region, the history of the city of Stalowa Wola, a collection of paintings and art deco items. The museum also conducts didactic and artistic activities. The main building has been adapted to the needs of the disabled. There is a shop and a cafe here, as well as a guarded car park.

Wolborz. Firefighting Historical and Educational Center of the Łodz Region

You can see firefighting exhibits here, for example, firefighter uniforms and banners, medals and a great collection of firefighter helmets. In the exhibition hall, there are fire trucks, antique fire hoses and motor pumps, as well as equipment used in the past to put out fires. Children will be interested in the collection of miniatures of fire vehicles from different countries.

Other interesting museums in Poland

Radzionkow. Bread Museum

In this facility you can learn about the history of bread baking. There are old machines and devices used for its production. Also several thousand exhibits, for example photos and postcards with bread, books and publications about bread.

Malbork. Krzyzacki Castle

In the years 1309-1457 the castle was the seat of the Teutonic Order. It consists of three parts: the High, Middle and Low Castle. You can see exhibitions of weapons and armaments and an exhibition of amber here.

Wroclaw. Medal Art Museum

It is the only institution in Poland specializing in gathering medal collections. The collection has been growing for 40 years and currently has 50,000 medals, orders and decorations. The museum collects documentation of the work of artists dealing with medals.

Edge. Museum of the Silesian Piasts

This museum facility provides access to part of the collection of the National Museum in Wrocław. You can admire here, among others, Silesian sacral art from Gothic to Baroque, paintings by Wojciech Kossak and other painters.

Swarzedz. Open-air museum and museum

The open-air museum has a unique collection of bee hives in Europe. Here you can learn about the history of beekeeping and beekeeping in Poland.

Castle of the Dukes of Olesnica

In the castle built in the 14th century, you can visit the apartments where the princes lived and climb the castle tower, behind which you can admire the panorama of the castle surroundings.

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