Key Takeaways for Successful Restaurant Construction  

March 28, 2023

Building a restaurant from the ground up is a challenging task. A team of experts, a carefully planned budget, and finding a good location would be a great start. Other important areas are the design plan, dining trends, building codes, and compliances. All of this can be managed if you hire a reputable general contractor. However, your construction company should not be your only guide. Researching and being well-informed before executing your new restaurant project is always best. This blog will help you determine the critical factors required to construct a new restaurant from scratch.

Hire A Trusted Restaurant Construction Company

Before anything else, research and find the most suitable construction company with ample experience in restaurant construction and restaurant remodeling. There could be numerous options out there, but select the one with a team that understands and values its clients' ideas and strives to improve them. Try getting quotes from more than a couple of contractors so you have an idea which contractor suits your style and values the vision you have for your restaurant. Discuss your ideas and your budget allocation and if the contractor meets your expectations you may want to consider them.

A reliable company will be your guide in essential matters like the timeline. Ideally, your restaurant should be constructed according to your budget and deadline. However, there is always a high probability that the timeline and cost may go up slightly. This is not surprising as construction takes time and running slightly over the budget and exceeding the timeline may happen because of weather or other unforeseen conditions. Keeping that in mind, ensure that your timeline and budget are slightly flexible and ask your contractor about any changes.

Moreover, an experienced construction company may already have a team of designers, architects, and engineers under its belt, who will guide you with their field expertise, so you have clarity in every domain of your project. Be it your design drawings, MEP drawings, or architectural layout, a professional with on-filed experience will make your construction process smooth and efficient. Arrant Construction has a team of highly trained experts who will help make your project hassle-free.

If you hire a reliable construction company, it will ensure to save time and complete the project as efficiently as possible.

Plan Out Long-Term Design Decisions

Ideally, you would want all your decisions to give you fruitful results. However, you must plan your construction process to provide maximum benefits and fewer losses.

When in the construction process, be mindful of taking full advantage of the contractor and services you are hiring. For example, when it comes to designing the layout of the restaurant, the design architect should be looking both at the aesthetic appeal and better functionality for running the restaurant; you want better flow of traffic throughout the restaurant, easily accessible restrooms and a kitchen with ample space for multiple workers. Acoustics also play a significant role in restaurant construction and is definitely a long-term design decision. Loud echoing noises are a common problem in many restaurants which disrupt the appeal and mood of restaurants and is a cause of discomfort for the customers. This acoustics issue may arise due to a fault in your design plan. Less furniture and exposed ceilings can cause more echoes and sound reflection leading to a lot of noise. While designing your restaurant, you may want to incorporate better ceilings, furniture and walls that absorbs sound rather than reflect it, for lesser noise and echo.

Lighting also plays a vital role in your design concept. Dim lights or bright lights can set the vibe of your restaurant. On the other hand, your best and safest option may be to have more natural light coming in. Thus, the choice of large windows can give your restaurant a more open feel. Sunlight also helps in lifting the mood of customers according to studies, and has health benefits too. Remember to add blinds so you can use them during the brightest time of the day.

It is understandable to feel overwhelmed by all these design elements for your restaurant construction that play a huge part in the long-term success of your restaurant business. That’s why it is important to hire experts like Arrant Construction who guide you in these critical technical matters that may go unnoticed during construction.

Stay Involved and Get Educated

Your involvement in the construction process is more integral than any other step. Regularly setting meetings with your restaurant contractor to stay updated on the process of your restaurant construction is a great way to stay involved. If this is your first construction project, being involved is a great learning opportunity for your future projects. If you stay in the loop with your restaurant design team you may be able to guide them throughout the design process about your vision and ideas about the restaurant. Visiting the site regularly will help you keep a check on everything and save you from having to make any changes once the construction is done.

Your general contractor and on-field experts will help guide you through the whole process. You will understand which materials are ideal for your restaurant space; such as, the use of antimicrobial agent additives in areas with moisture, and adding seamless or stainless walls for your kitchens are some essential factors to consider. Take their advice and use your best judgment for a successful project.


Once your restaurant is built, there is no going back. Fixing anything later can become a nightmare and cost time and money. Make sure you agree with your construction and design plan before the first brick is laid. This way, your investment will yield considerable dividends in the future.


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