New Updates That Will Help You Make Money On YouTube Like Never Before

March 15, 2023

If you are worried about how to monetize YouTube videos in 2023, then we will tell you all about the new updates. This will help you earn money on YouTube and become a successful creator on the platform. 

YouTube has recently updated the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) rules, changing how YouTube video promotion works. The changes started to roll out on February 1st, 2023, and have restructured the way you monetize a YouTube channel. 

How To Get Paid On YouTube With New Monetization Rules?

To boost YouTube views and earn from YouTube AdSense, YouTubers must accept the terms by July 10, 2023. After that, the channel will be removed from the Base Terms, a topic for another day. For now, let us concentrate on the updated terms.

  1. Join YPP With YouTube Shorts

Until 2022, creators needed 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 legitimate public watch hours over the previous 12 months to apply for and collect a cut of the advertising revenue on their content.

As per the new terms, creators still need 1,000 subscribers, but as an alternative, they can join YPP if they have 10 million public Shorts views over 90 days. It is an excellent alternate route to monetize the channel. 

  1. Access To Fan Funding Features

YouTube video promotion will now become even more popular and fun. The new update unlocks features like Super Chat, Super Stickers, Super Thanks, and channel memberships. 

So now, if you are wondering, how much can you make on YouTube? Here is the response: fan fundraising features are available, so ad revenue is not the sole source of income.

  1. Monetize YouTube Shorts Through Revenue Sharing

This one is a big one for the creators of shorts. Profits from YouTube "Shorts" will now be split with creators. So instead of taking a chance on whether or not the Shorts Fund would pay out, creators can now actually plan their revenue on the platform.

A creator will earn 45% of revenue from YouTube Shorts per the new rules. Therefore, creators can boost YouTube views by leveraging the Shorts platform and dream of becoming one of the highest-paying YouTubers like Mr. Beast. 

  1. Earn Revenue From Copyrighted Music

YouTube has changed the game to help the creators and make it easy for them to make money on the platform. This video-sharing platform is now coming up with Creators Music. With this new feature, content creators may legally license songs from a music library for long-form videos. 

Here, creators can opt for a revenue-sharing model and split it with the track’s copyright holder. 

YouTube creators will soon be able to use Shorts as a gateway into the Partner Program, a source of fan funding, and a reliable source of revenue from ads in the Shorts Feed. It is an exciting time to be a YouTuber, as the platform makes it easy for everyone to earn a living. 


Making money on YouTube can be challenging. But, with the help of new updates, small content creators can quickly reach their goal of YouTube video promotion and boost their YouTube views. These four new updates to YPP can increase the potential for making money in 2023. 

Successfully monetizing your videos on YouTube requires a large audience size, engaging videos, and access to YouTube's advertising network, among other factors.

Emiy Watson

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