Qs to Ask Yourself Before Buying an Electric Scooter

March 20, 2023

Due to the growing popularity of the global electric scooter market, it is thus predicted to reach

US$34.2 billion by year 2026. Wow!

To you who are thinking of buying an electric scooter for your daily commutes, Mearth’s electric scooter buying guide will help you seriously consider what electric scooter suits your lifestyle -- and if getting an e-scooter is right for you. An honest answer to these eight questions will be a good gauge to know your readiness to having an electric scooter.

1. Your Purpose.

What is your purpose for getting an electric scooter? Why do you need an electric scooter? Many e-scooter riders bought an electric scooter for daily commutes to work or school, or just to get around the city easier and quicker, and then some, for travel, fun and leisure. Knowing why you need an electric scooter will help you taper down the list to the right kind of e-scooter for you. Electric scooters are functional, fun and a big help in one’s travel. If you just want to get one because you want to go with the trend, you might not be able to truly enjoy the benefits that go with it. So, think about it.

2. The length and frequency of your commute.

Have you thought about how far you need to commute every day? Knowing after you have estimated where you need to go will help you ascertain the kind of specs that you need from your electric scooter.

Will you be traveling over 20km every day? Then consider getting an e-scooter with a higher range and battery capacity. Mearth RS Series are assuredly the ultimate in long-range e scooters offering up to 65 km of range on a single charge.

What if you are traveling longer distances more than the typical commuter riders? You need an electric scooter that offers something more comfortable. After a while, the journey can get tiring or uncomfortable to ride, so that is a concern that be readily hurdled -- Mearth has long-range and off-road electric scooters like the RS Series and the GTS EVO Series, respectively that offer a comfortable riding experience for experienced riders, as they’re built especially for long rides.

3. Portability of an e-scooter matters to you.

Are you one of those who need to use public transportation before or after your commute? Going up and down the stairs to reach the subway will be a cinch if you can just fold, lift and carry your e-scooter, then you should get a foldable, compact, portable commuter e-scooter you can confidently bring with you inside buses and subways. Mearth has the best commuter electric scooters in Australia that’s ideal for commuting. The Mearth S are lightweight, foldable electric scooters that’s easy to carry and the good thing is they don’t take up much space.

The Mearth S from the Mearth S Series, only weighs 12.5 kg, so it’s easy to carry when taking the stairs. If your daily commute requires you to take the stairs or ride public transportation with an e-scooter, getting the Mearth S commuter e-scooter is your best bet.

4. Consider your weight.

What is your weight? Riders on the heavier side need to consider their weight when looking for an electric scooter since they are heavy-duty and have maximum load capacities. The maximum load of an e-scooter is the maximum weight that it can carry. The best electric scooters for adults over 100 kg are the on-and-off-road electric scooters like the Mearth GTS Evo Series. As an on-and-off-road electric heavy-duty scooter built for durability, the GTS EVO Series offers higher maximum load. Further, the Mearth GTS EVO Series has a max load limit of 150 kg. They also offer a longer range and a more comfortable riding experience, which makes riding better and easier for heavier riders, especially those who crave for the outdoor thrill, desiring a sense of freedom – an adventure on the less traveled road, or the off-beaten trails, perhaps?

5. Affordability.

How much can you spend or are willing to spend on your electric scooter? An electric scooter can cost from $200 to $2000, which depends on the type of electric scooter that you need. Even though electric scooters are significantly cheaper than cars and motorcycles, they still cost a considerable amount for commuters. Time to yourself then, “What is your budget?”

Keep in mind though, the quality that you will get at certain price points. By buying the cheapest electric scooter available, you can also expect it to have poor performance -- and give you unnecessary headaches. Better to buy the e-scooter that will really serve your needs and suit your lifestyle. It is by far, practical and reasonable too, Buying the most expensive e-scooter in the market doesn’t always mean you are getting the best, or that it will perform up to par.

6. Your state’s road and traffic regulations and limitations.

In Australia, electric scooters are allowed on private roads or shared paths. When you have determined the kind of electric scooter that you need, whether it is for your daily commute, for longer trips or for leisure, check first if your city actually allows electric scooters to be ridden in public – in what areas. There are cities that do not allow electric scooters and other personal mobility devices on major public roads, bicycle or footpaths, and spaces. Violators caught riding in public will be fined, so make sure it’s legal to ride your e-scooter in public -- before getting an electric scooter.

7. Commitment to be a responsible e-scooter owner.

Can you seriously be committed to maintaining your electric scooter? True, electric scooters are a low-maintenance mode of transport, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take good care of your rideable, and ensure that they are in tip-top shape. Once you have decided to buy an electric scooter, you are making a commitment -- to consistently clean, and maintain your electric scooter properly and regularly before and after you use it.

These responsibilities include: checking your e-scooter’s physical condition, the wires, fixing flat tires, bringing it to an accredited mechanic for regular maintenance checks, always making sure it is clean, storing it properly in a safe, dry, clean space, replacing defective or totally dead batteries, among others. Do you think you have the time, patience and discipline to commit to taking good care of your e-scooter?

8. Having a designated safe place to keep the e-scooter

This may be the last question but not the least to consider. Where do you intend to store your electric scooter? After you have bought your electric scooter, where will you put it inside your home?

The good thing about an electric scooter is that you don’t need to have a garage to park your personal mobility device. Because they are compact, they can fit under a table or desk, inside a cabinet, or in a small corner space.

Wherever you decide to store it – you must make sure the space or area is free from moisture and dust. Why? By being negligent, you might be exposing your e-scooter to moisture and dust that can affect the components of your electric scooter, which can lead to earlier but preventable deterioration if you exercise diligence.

We hope that this ‘litmus test’ has helped you make your decision, before you plunge into ‘something, like getting an electric scooter, wholeheartedly.

Choosing the best electric scooter for you

By now, you have probably figured out if you should buy an electric scooter and what kind of e-scooter you need. This no-nonsense guide has likewise given you an idea of what it’s like to have an electric scooter. Sure, electric scooters are a lot cheaper than a car but it is still an investment you will make, so make sure it’s going to be a comfortable commuting experience for you. For more electric scooter tips, news, and insights, check out more of Mearth’s blogs, or browse through Mearth’s website www.mearth.com.au to find that rideable you think suits you best.

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