Rental Guide: 8 Tips to Hire the Right Contractor for Property Maintenance & Repairs

March 10, 2023

Managing a rental property can present various challenges for property owners, including maintenance and repair issues. Over time, due to wear and tear, appliances, electrical systems, plumbing fixtures, and other amenities may require repairs or replacement. To address these concerns, property owners often engage a contractor specializing in maintenance and repairs.

Hiring the appropriate contractor can be difficult as you need to find someone who offers the services you require and can deliver effective results. It is essential to ensure that these contractors will treat your property with care, carry out necessary repairs, and perform maintenance that meets the quality standards of your property. Therefore, you must take the measures needed to find the right contractor to do the job well. Below are some tips to help you hire the most suitable contractor for your rental property.

Did You Know?

Over 89% of landlords cover repair costs themselves.

8 Effective Tips to Hire the Right Contractor for Maintenance and Repairs

1. Establish Your Requirements

To ensure that you hire the right contractor for your rental property, landlords must create a detailed list of all the necessary maintenance and repair work that needs to be done. This list should include everything from electrical and plumbing work to landscaping and painting. By clearly understanding your property's needs, you can find a contractor or rental management company that can handle all the required work efficiently and deliver high-quality results.

2. Get Different Estimates

Approach a few different contractors who perform the services you need and get a quote of their prices. Get a few additional quotes and compare the prices to find the most suitable contractor. You do not want to choose one with extremely low prices, but you also don't want to overspend. You can also consider tax implications from these expenses and look into property taxes by state in regard to maintenance work and take them into consideration when hiring a contractor.

3. Carry Out a Background Check

To verify the reliability of the contractor you are considering, landlords must conduct a background check, which includes reviewing their previous work, customer feedback, complaints, and other relevant information. This process will provide valuable insights into the contractor's reputation and whether they have a history of delivering satisfactory work or causing problems for their clients. By doing so, you can make an informed decision when hiring a contractor for your property maintenance and repair needs.

Did You Know?

Less than 50% of landlords look after and maintain their property.

4. Set Property Boundaries

You may have maintenance or repair work that calls for you to be away from the property. In such instances, it is necessary to establish boundaries with the contractor and let them know the parts of the property they can and cannot access. If a contractor seems to have a problem considering your boundaries, they will not be fit for the job, and you'll have to find a suitable one that will cooperate with your preferences.

5. Ask for Process Transparency

For smooth and hassle-free repair and maintenance work on your property, it's essential to inquire about a contractor's work process before hiring them. If a contractor is transparent in explaining how they will carry out the required tasks, it adds to their reliability, making them a suitable candidate for your property work.

6. Check Their Work License

Contractors are required to hold specific licenses to perform property jobs in each state. To ensure you hire a qualified and reliable contractor, landlords should request their license details and verify their legitimacy. This step will help you avoid hiring unqualified contractors and ensure that the services provided are efficient and professional.

7. Use a Property Management Service

Property management companies or professionals often have a set of contractors they recommend to their customers for maintenance and repair work. You can consult with your local property management firms to learn about different contractors in the area and take their advice to hire suitable people for the job. It will help you find reliable and trustworthy contractors to work on your property.

Did You Know?

80% of property managers coordinate to take on maintenance and repair work along with other services.

8. Get a Written Contract

It is essential to obtain a written agreement from the contractor before hiring them to perform any work on the property. A written agreement will help keep track of the contractor's obligations and protect both parties in case of any disputes. The document should specify the details of the required work to be carried out. If a contractor is hesitant or unwilling to provide a written contract, it may be wise to look for another contractor willing to provide one.


For rental property owners, maintenance and repairs are crucial to upkeep the quality and integrity of the property. To handle these tasks, landlords should hire the right contractors to make the process easier and less burdensome. However, it is crucial to take the appropriate steps to ensure that the contractor hired can provide efficient services and high-quality results. Homeowners should be aware of the process of hiring a contractor to ensure that the property remains in good condition. By taking these steps, you can ensure that your rental property remains in good condition and retains its value for years.


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