Takuache Haircut: The Latest Trend in Men's Hairstyles

March 6, 2023



If you're a fan of men's hairstyles, then you've probably heard of the Takuache Haircut. It's the latest trend that's taking the world by storm, and it's not hard to see why. This unique haircut is a combination of different styles that come together to create a bold and edgy look. In this article, we'll dive deep into the Takuache Haircut, its history, how to get the look, and some tips on how to maintain it.

What is the Takuache Haircut?

The Takuache Haircut is a popular hairstyle among Hispanic youths in the United States. It's also known as the "Cholo Haircut," "Vato Haircut," or "Pachuco Haircut." The term "Takuache" is Mexican slang for a person who is always looking for a good deal or bargain.

The Takuache Haircut is a blend of different styles, including a mullet, a fade, and a pompadour. The hair on the top is left long and slicked back, while the sides are shaved or faded to create a sharp contrast. The back of the head has a distinct mullet-style cut, which adds to the edginess of the haircut. The overall effect is a look that's both daring and sophisticated.

History of the Takuache Haircut

The Takuache Haircut has its roots in the Cholo subculture of Southern California. Cholos are young Mexican-American men who adopt a distinctive style that includes baggy clothes, tattoos, and shaved heads. The Takuache Haircut became popular among cholos in the 1980s and 1990s, and it has since evolved into a mainstream hairstyle.

In recent years, the Takuache Haircut has gained popularity among young Hispanic men throughout the United States, especially in Texas, Arizona, and California. The haircut has also become popular among other subcultures, such as skaters, hipsters, and rockabilly enthusiasts.

How to Get the Takuache Haircut

If you're thinking of getting the Takuache Haircut, here's what you need to know. First, find a stylist who is familiar with the haircut. Look for a salon or barber shop that specializes in men's hairstyles. You can also ask your friends or family members who have the Takuache Haircut for recommendations.

Once you've found a stylist, bring a photo of the Takuache Haircut to show them what you want. Be prepared to explain the details of the cut, such as the length of the top and the type of fade you prefer. Your stylist may also suggest some variations on the Takuache Haircut, such as adding a design or pattern to the side.

Maintaining the Takuache Haircut

To keep your Takuache Haircut looking sharp, you'll need to maintain it regularly. This means getting a trim every few weeks to keep the hair on top at the right length and to keep the fade looking sharp. You may also need to trim the back of the mullet to keep it from growing too long.

To style the Takuache Haircut, you'll need to use a strong hold gel or pomade to slick the hair on top back. You can also add some texture to the hair by using a texturizing spray or wax. The sides can be left natural or shaved, depending on your preference.

Variations of the Takuache Haircut

There are many variations of the Takuache Haircut, each with its own unique twist. Here are a few popular variations:

  1. Takuache Cut: This is a simpler version of the Takuache Hair cut that features a short, faded side and a longer, slicked-back top.
  2. Edgar Haircut Takuache: This variation features a more dramatic fade on the sides, with the top left long and styled back.
  3. Takuache Boys: This refers to a group of young men who wear the Takuache Haircut as a way to identify with each other and their culture.
  4. Takuache Haircut Fade: This variation features a fade that blends seamlessly into the longer hair on top, creating a more subtle look.
  5. Takuache Haircut Mullet: This variation features a more pronounced mullet-style cut at the back, with longer hair on top and shorter hair on the sides.

Regardless of the variation, the Takuache Haircut is a bold and edgy hairstyle that requires confidence and attitude to pull off.

In conclusion, the Takuache Haircut is a popular and unique men's hairstyle that has its roots in the Cholo subculture of Southern California. It's a combination of different styles that come together to create a daring and edgy look.

If you're thinking of getting the Takuache Haircut, find a stylist who is familiar with the cut, and be prepared to maintain it regularly to keep it looking sharp. With its many variations, the Takuache Haircut is a versatile hairstyle that can be customized to suit your individual style and personality. So, go ahead and try it out – you might just find your new signature look!


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