The historic center is Fez, Morocco.

March 7, 2023

Fez, the former capital of Morocco, is still unquestionably one of the most significant cities in the entire nation despite losing its status as the country's capital. For more than four centuries, Fez served as the capital of Morocco, and it continues to be both one of the most significant religious institutions and the country's cultural hub. The city was established in the late 8th century, and a sizable portion of Fez still has a medieval cityscape, serving as a physical reminder of the city's past and present.

  You can see why Fez is a must-stop by scrolling through our photographs of Morocco. It is fascinating, with antique buildings that reflect a style of architecture that most of the world has abandoned and twisted, tiny streets that are too narrow to accommodate standard autos. As a result, you will observe large crowds of people walking and plenty of mules and donkeys in the streets, just as there were hundreds of years ago. The city is at the forefront of Moroccan art and culture, but it nevertheless has a look and feels that dates back to long before the arrival of the first Europeans. 6 days tour from Casablanca.

Finding Your Way in Fez

   The Blue Gate, also known as Bab Boujloud, is the best location to begin your exploration of Fez's walled city. It is a convenient location for a small taxi drop-off and an excellent place to recover. Before exiting the taxi, choose if you want to independently explore Fez el-ancient Bali's medina or hire a guide. This is because as soon as you open the door, both professional and unofficial local tour guides will approach you and try to sell you their services. If you don't know French or Arabic and don't have a map, it would be worthwhile to hire a guide for a walking tour to help you get about since there are over 9000 streets to get lost in.

  Fez is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Morocco because of the contrast between its old city's narrow, winding alleyways and its new city's wide, tree-lined streets.

The Fez Mosques and Museums

   There are numerous historical landmarks, museums, and mosques in Fez that can be discovered and explored. It is worthwhile to do some study and choose the ones that appeal to you, but in the meanwhile, here are some recommendations.

   The Kairouine Mosque, which has been standing for more than a thousand years, is one of the most alluring places to visit. The Kairouine Mosque is regarded as Morocco's most significant mosque and center for Islamic education. Non-Muslims are not permitted inside due to custom, although there are open doors that you are permitted to peek through as long as you are respectful about it. You can see how much the facility has grown from a little structure to the enormous center it is today just by taking a quick glance around these hallways. 5 Days Trip Marrakesh to Sahara Desert.

   Although most tourists are prohibited from entering the Kairouine Mosque, a few of the nearby Islamic schools do. Many of these institutions date back to hundreds of years and have lovely courtyards accessible through open doors with intricate wood and marble carvings. The tanners' quarter is a nearby location where you may visit and see skilled artisans at work.

   The majestic Medersa Bou Inania is one of the few mosques in Morocco that is still accessible to visitors of all faiths (also known as Madrasa Bou Inania or simply Bu Inaniya). The Medersa, which was constructed between 1351 and 1358, is one of the most magnificent specimens of Merenid architecture in existence today.

   If ancient Moroccan handmade arts and crafts are of interest to you, a trip to the Fondouk el-Nejjarine should surely be on your schedule. This museum displays Moroccan traditional woodwork and the country's long, illustrious history.

Fez's Sights and Sounds

   In the city of Fez, contemporary culture coexists peacefully with monuments and streets that bear witness to centuries of history. Here are held several of Morocco's most known cultural events, including film festivals, art festivals, and music festivals, drawing tourists from all over the country and abroad. The Festival of World Sacred Music, which honors the city's intellectual, artistic, and spiritual heritage, is one of the most prestigious of these occasions. Following the first Gulf War, it started as a peace project but has since evolved into a well-established aspect of the global music and art scene.

And lastly... Some Fez shopping

   A tour of the souks and workshops where you can observe the production and embellishment process firsthand makes no trip to Fez complete. Even if shopping isn't your thing, take some time to stroll, enjoy, and appreciate the craftsmanship before ultimately making room in your suitcase for that handmade item that caught your attention. This applies to everything from the potter's wheels to the weaver's looms. Don't make the error of believing you will return for it later since you might not be able to locate that specific little shop on that specific corner of that winding medina street again. One wrong turn and your desired leather babouche will be lost forever.

   That feeling of a bygone era is a big part of what makes Fez so appealing. The narrow streets, the old stone and wood buildings, the palaces and Islamic schools with elaborate entrances, and all the various sights that serve as reminders of the past, such as ramparts, balconies, courtyards, and the walls that were once used for defense, cannot be shaken even though you will see all the evidence of modern cultural influence, such as blue jeans, boom boxes, and modern goods. This enormous human swarm of a city is filled with the voices of people, from old men to shopkeepers to youngsters, all luring you in and leaving their imprint.

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