The Latest Trends In Corporate Videos Production For Marketing

March 14, 2023

 In today’s digital world, online customer engagement is more important than any other thing. This engagement or we can say good traffic on the website depends on several factors like content quality, content outline, and type of content for the targeted audience.

There are lots of amazing options available for customer engagement and website traffic. Video content is one of the latest and most effective ways to promote content among the targeted audience. People love to watch short videos on different social media platforms. you can approach a good video production company and they will provide you with the best corporate video content like NPDTV. We are one of the most leading and trustworthy video production services in Nashville. There are lots of trends in Video production and video promotion for marketing purposes. Let's discuss some of the latest trends:

Personalized video content for targeted audiences: 

This one is the most engaging and effective trend for the customer’s end. People love to watch video content that is super relatable to them. NPDTV video editor’s team is an expert and has lots of amazing ideas for personalized video content for the targeted audience. 

Interactive 360-degree videos: 

Advanced technology allowed us to shoot and record 360-degree interactive videos for more customer attention. It is an immersive experience of 360-degree video content. These videos have 7% more customer engagement as compared to other videos. Top brands want to catch more customer engagement and that’s why they are choosing this latest technology trend for promoting their product and services. This trend includes higher video-quality content and it is good for marketing and promotion purposes. 

Short-form videos for social media: 

Strong and interesting video content is in trend nowadays. TIKTOK, Instagram allows content creators to make promotional content using short video features and brands are happy with this amazing trend. They have lots of products for their different kind of target audiences available on various social media platforms.

Authentic storytelling and brand narratives: 

Authenticity attracts people and brand narratives make storytelling strong. People love to connect with their brands and they trust the brands that have their own story of building the name and trust among their customers. This authentic storytelling and brand narratives are the latest trends in marketing and video content. 

Live streaming for real-time engagement: 

Live streaming is the latest and most powerful marketing strategy nowadays for more customer engagement. People love to watch their brand ambassadors live and love to interact with them directly. It is all possible with the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram’s live video streaming for their followers. This live streaming is real-time customer engagement and it is way more powerful than any other marketing and promotion content strategy.  

Animation and motion graphics for visual appeal: 

people love to interact with the latest and unique things and animation advertisement and visual graphics is one of them. NPDTV graphics team will make your promotional content more engaging and interactive using 3d animation services and visual graphics as it is one of the leading video content types. This one is the latest, unique, and interesting way to promote the product and services effectively.

AI-powered video production for efficiency and effectiveness: 

AI is one the most latest and efficient ways to promote the product and services among the target audience. People will love to watch AI features in the video content as it is the latest and unique way to deliver the message about the services and products of choice. At NPDTV, you will find the best AI-featured video content for your next event or brand promotion. AI-based video content is efficient and effective for promotions and marketing nowadays. 

NPDTV is one of the top video production companies in Nashville and has immense experience in this field. We have our valued customers and we love to serve you as well. Our experience and talented video production team will make your video content better and more effective for increasing your brand value. You can trust us and our team and check our previous work for reference. You can contact us for more details.

Syed Qasim ( CEO IQ DEVELOPERS ) Is a highly experienced SEO expert with over three years of experience. He is working as a contributor on many reputable blog sites, including,,, and You can contact him on whatsapp at +923237711173

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