The Most Dangerous Cities in North Carolina

March 9, 2023

most dangerous cities in North Carolina

If you’re looking to relocate or move your family, it’s important to know what cities are most dangerous. We’ve compiled a list of the most dangerous cities in North Carolina, based on crime data and other factors.

These cities are hazardous because of poverty, crime, and lack of resources. Improving safety in these areas requires increased investment, improved education and resources, and greater community involvement.

1. Wadesboro

When it comes to living in North Carolina, there are many great options. From beautiful beaches to a thriving economy, the Tar Heel state offers something for everyone.

But just like any other state, there are also cities and towns that have higher crime rates than others. If you’re looking to move to North Carolina, you may want to avoid these dangerous areas.

Wadesboro is a small town located in Anson County, North Carolina. It was originally called New Town but was renamed in 1787 to honor Colonel Thomas Wade, who served as the commander of the Anson County Regiment during the Revolutionary War.

2. Burlington

The most dangerous cities in North Carolina are often those that have a high rate of poverty. This is because it’s more likely that people in poverty will resort to crime in order to make ends meet.

Thankfully, many of these cities can be made safer through investment in public safety and increased community involvement. Volunteer programs, neighborhood watch programs, and community policing can all help improve the safety of these areas.

Burlington, North Carolina is located half way between Greensboro and Durham on the northern edge of Alamance county. It’s a city originally founded as Company Shops for railroad maintenance shops, and it has returned to its status as the center of commerce in the area.

3. Henderson

Henderson, North Carolina is one of the most dangerous cities in North Carolina. Its crime rate is higher than that of most other cities in the country, and more than 1 in 22 residents are victims of violent crimes or property crimes.

In fact, murder is the city's biggest issue. According to FBI statistics, a staggering one in 49 people were murdered in 2020.

The area was occupied by the Cherokee for thousands of years before European settlers came. Native Americans and Spanish explorers alike used the region as hunting grounds and a trading route, with some settling in what is now the city of Henderson.

Eventually, agriculture and tourism emerged as the two main economic drivers for the county. Planters grew multiple crops, and travelers from Charleston came here for milder summers.

4. Gastonia

Gastonia is the largest city in North Carolina's second-largest county and a fast-growing suburb of Charlotte. It is known for its manufacturing industry, which has been hit hard by shutdowns and job losses.

Despite this, it has many other notable attractions. It's home to a historic downtown district with a number of locally owned restaurants and stores.

The Rankin Lake Park area is another popular tourist spot for families and visitors to Gastonia. It offers fishing, picnicking and simple relaxation.

While the crime rate here is much lower than in other cities in North Carolina, it is still not very safe. In fact, it is among the most dangerous cities in the state of North Carolina.

5. Salisbury

Salisbury, North Carolina is one of the most dangerous cities in the country. NeighborhoodScout, a real estate research firm, ranks the most dangerous cities based on violent crimes (murder, rape, armed robbery and aggravated assault) per 1,000 residents within cities of at least 25,000 people.

This ranking is based on final, non-preliminary FBI crime data from the most recent year available. Those numbers may seem high because Salisbury is a big city with many different areas experiencing more crime than others.

However, the vast majority of comparable cities in North Carolina have lower rates than Salisbury. So, while Salisbury is the most dangerous city in the state, it’s far from the worst of them all. There are a number of fun things to do in this lively town, including a haunted ghost walk tour and spending time at the city’s national cemetery.

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