The Most Dangerous Cities in Oklahoma

March 9, 2023

most dangerous cities in Oklahoma

Oklahoma City is known for its high-rated schools, a strong economy, and plenty of entertainment options. However, its crime rate is also among the highest in the state.

That doesn't make it a perfect place to raise a family, though. We've taken a closer look at Oklahoma's most dangerous cities in 2022.

1. Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is one of the most dangerous cities in the state. On average, the city has one murder and one rape per week.

In fact, OKC had a violent crime rate higher than both California and New York in 2020.

Despite its large population, the city’s overall crime rate is less than the national average.

The city’s large size also makes it harder to track crimes in the same way as a small town. This means that parks and other designated recreational areas may appear to be a high-crime area even though they’re safe.

2. Del City

Del City is a small city that is home to Tinker Air Force base. The area is known for its military-related jobs and is also a hub for the oil industry.

Crime rates are relatively high in Del City, but they have been declining significantly over the last several years. The violent crime rate is around one per 1,000 residents and the property crime rate is much lower.

The central neighborhoods of Del City have a higher rate of crime than the west part of the city. This is because the central areas of Del City are larger and have a greater number of people.

3. Ardmore

Ardmore is a beautiful city in Oklahoma that offers plenty of great things to do. Whether you're looking to explore an arts gallery, or enjoy some live music, there's something here for everyone!

In addition, this city is home to several prestigious educational and historical museums. The Great Southwest Historical Museum, in particular, is a must-visit for those interested in learning about South-Central Oklahoma's history!

Located in a former National Guard armory, this museum is full of interesting displays about the local history and heritage. It also has a variety of exhibits on the oil industry and Native American history.

4. Warr Acres

Warr Acres is a city of 10,443 people that is part of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. This city is a popular place to live for families and has a lot of restaurants and parks.

Violent crimes happen more frequently in the southeast neighborhoods of Warr Acres than in the northeast section of the city. This is largely because of the size of the population in that region.

Property crime also happens more frequently in the southeast areas of the city. This is largely because there are more retail stores in that part of the city.

5. Muskogee

Muskogee is a city on the Arkansas River, and its history dates back to Native American Indians. It is also the location of Bacone College, Oklahoma's oldest college.

Muskogee's downtown has a restored Main Street, and is home to several museums of local history. The Five Civilized Tribes Museum traces the migration of Indian tribes to Oklahoma.

There is also the Muskogee War Memorial Park, which is home to a WWII submarine. It's an attraction for both military enthusiasts and those who like to explore the history of their community.

6. Catoosa

Catoosa is a historic city known for the iconic Blue Whale along Route 66. In addition to the classic attraction, the city offers many things to see and do.

Crime rates in Catoosa tend to be higher than other cities in Oklahoma, but they’re still not dangerous enough to keep people away from the area. However, it’s important to be aware of the risks when spending time in certain parts of town.

The best way to tell whether a neighborhood is safe or unsafe is to look at the crime map and total crime map. These maps will show areas that are more likely to have crimes, but they also consider where people are going.

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