The Most Dangerous Cities in South Dakota

March 9, 2023

South Dakota is an attractive state to live in, but it is also one that has a few dangerous cities. These cities aren't the kind of places that offer a lot to new residents.

Wallet Hub has done a study of 180 cities to see how safe they are. Not only do they look at crime rates, but they also factor in financial health, cyber-security, and personal health.

Box Elder

Box Elder is a small city in the state of South Dakota. It’s home to Ellsworth Air Force Base and is surrounded by the Black Hills, but it has plenty of crime that could make you want to stay away.

In recent years, the town has seen rapid growth. Its economy is centered on tourism and light industry, with hotels and restaurants close to a popular water park.

One of the biggest companies based in Box Elder is VRC Metals Systems, a high-tech company that uses cold spray to repair metal components. CEO Rob Hrabe believes that his company is a success because it attracts a mix of people from military backgrounds and others with new engineering skills.

However, Box Elder’s crime rate is higher than many other cities in South Dakota and the U.S. The table below compares crime in Box Elder with other comparable cities in South Dakota.


If you’re looking to move to Pierre, South Dakota, you might be wondering whether it’s a safe place to live. The city is located in the heart of the state and is surrounded by wide-open spaces, so it’s a popular destination for outdoor recreation enthusiasts.

The city is also home to a number of attractions, including the state capitol building, the Fighting Stallions Memorial, the Verendrye Museum (in Fort Pierre), and the Flaming Fountain Memorial. This landmark pays tribute to the Sioux nation’s veterans, who fought in the Korean and Vietnam wars.

In addition to these attractions, there are plenty of restaurants and shops for you to enjoy while you’re in Pierre. Some of the best places to visit include Big Tom’s Diner, which serves a variety of dishes at affordable prices.

Crime rates in Pierre are higher than in many comparable cities. However, they are still not too high to make this town a bad choice for anyone who wants to live here.

Hot Springs

Hot Springs, South Dakota is an all-American town that offers a variety of experiences to visitors. This town boasts outdoor adventure, world-class museums, relaxing spas, exciting water slides, and more.

This city is a jumping-off point for nearby Wind Cave National Park and Custer State Park, as well as the Angostura Dam, Reservoir and Recreation Area to the north. The town also contains a number of parks that feature hiking, camping, and fishing, and has a museum dedicated to the pioneer history of the area.

A visit to this town can also include a trip to the Mammoth Site, an active dig that preserves Ice Age mammoth fossils. The Mammoth Site is one of the world's largest collections of woolly mammoth fossils, and it's open to the public.


Brandon is a safe city that offers many family-friendly activities. It also has a low crime rate compared to other cities of its size.

Despite the fact that it has a lower crime rate than many other South Dakota cities, Brandon isn't the safest place to live in the state. A recent article on Money Inc named a town in the state one of the 40 worst places to live.

While it's true that schools can have an impact on the safety of a neighborhood, there are also other factors that contribute to the total crime rate.

For example, airports and parks tend to have higher crime rates because there are so many people visiting. This is especially true for larger airports, which can attract a lot of tourists from other parts of the world.

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