The Most Dangerous Cities in Wyoming

March 9, 2023

most dangerous cities in Wyoming

When you think of Wyoming, you might imagine a big city like Cheyenne. But that doesn’t mean crime in the Cowboy State is low.

In fact, crime in Wyoming is higher than average nationwide, and it can be a scary place to live. We looked at the most dangerous cities in the Cowboy State, ranked by total crime rate.


Casper is an attractive city with a rich pioneer history, incredible outdoor adventures and big-city amenities. It is a popular stop on any Western adventure.

If you’re looking for a place to eat while you’re in Casper, you’ll find a variety of restaurants to suit your tastes. From steakhouses with locally sourced fine dining to unique international fare, you’ll be able to satisfy your hunger in no time!

The food scene in Casper is growing, with a wide range of options. Whether you’re craving a gourmet meal or a fast bite, you can have it delivered to your doorstep with Uber Eats.

Casper is one of the most dangerous cities in Wyoming, ranking higher than average in both total crime and property crimes. While there are a number of reasons for this, poverty is a common cause.


Cheyenne is a city that is popular with tourists for its Old West look and feel. It is home to several museums and other tourist attractions that are all related to the Western world.

Crime in Cheyenne is not a big concern for most residents because violent crime is not very common here and generally doesn't occur between strangers. Rather, it occurs more often between people who are close to one another.

The best way to avoid crime in Cheyenne is to not get involved with drugs or alcohol. Those are some of the most dangerous things that people do and you want to make sure you don't do them.

Property crimes in Cheyenne are also fairly high but are mainly caused by larceny and vehicle theft. This year has seen a spike in these kinds of crimes. But if you take measures to secure your belongings and don't associate with strangers, you will be much safer in Cheyenne.


Riverton, Wyoming is a hub city in central Wyoming. It’s called the ‘Rendezvous City’ and a frequent stop for travelers to Yellowstone and Jackson Hole.

It has a history as a crossroads for Native Americans, trappers, explorers and cowboys to trade, congregate and catch up with news from around the area. The Wind River Mountains and Boysen Reservoir provide a host of outdoor recreation opportunities for the community as well as tourists.

Despite being a popular destination, this town is not as safe for its residents as you might think. While Riverton’s crime rates have dropped slightly from last year, it is still sixth in the state for violent crimes and has the 3rd highest rape rate.

Property crime has dropped as well, but it’s a good idea to lock your doors and invest in a home security system. These measures will help keep you and your family safer while enjoying the outdoors in Wyoming!


When looking to move or purchase real estate in Wyoming, one of the most important factors is safety. You don't want to live in a place where there are too many crimes happening or where you're in danger.

In Powell, the crime rate is lower than most comparable cities in Wyoming. Specifically, the violent crime rate is much lower than the national average and the property crime rates are also much lower.

Located in the Big Horn Basin, Powell is a quaint town surrounded by mountain and forest. It is a scenic, clean, vibrant community that is dedicated to providing superior quality of life for its residents.

The city's economy is based on agriculture and ranching. Public schools and a two-year college provide educational opportunities for citizens. A variety of health care facilities and recreational activities are available for residents.

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