Tips and Tricks for Pressure Washing Your Home Exterior

March 6, 2023

When it comes to improving the look of the outside of your property, you should utilize a pressure washer. It is the most efficient approach for removing years of filth, grime, soot, and all the other different layers of buildup that have a strong influence on the property's curb appeal.

But you can do more than hire some equipment, connect it, and spray everything in sight. While using a pressure washer on particular surfaces, you need to be cautious because it might seriously harm them if you're not. 

Consider the proper and incorrect way to complete the task while cleaning surfaces that can withstand this cleaning process.

To conduct the most effective job possible, you must know the finest high-pressure washing techniques.

Photo by Pavlos Stamatopoulos on Unsplash

Tips for Pressure Washing Your Home Exterior

  • Soak the Surface First

First, you may want to pre-soak the area, depending on how much dirt has built up on your home's exterior. It is an excellent method for releasing even the most stubborn dirt, making removing it much simpler.

Start using a low-pressure setting on your washer to moisten the surface and loosen the debris you want to remove. After this first step, you may increase the pressure and completely clean the outside.

  • Choose the Correct Tools

Electric or gas types are available for pressure washers. Compared to electric versions, which produce an average of 1,300 to 1,700 PSI, gas-powered washers produce between 2,000 and 2,800 PSI. 

Due to this, gas washers are often regarded as more powerful and can clean ten times more quickly than their electric counterparts. But gas-powered washers are louder and need more care to avoid damaging wood and other surfaces.

While selecting a pressure washer, you should pay attention to the PSI and check the water flow in gallons per minute.  In addition, choose a washing machine that can dispense cleaning agents in addition to water. 

A small amount of chlorine may effectively clean concrete and prevent mold and mildew growth.

  • Temperature Considerations

Temperature also plays a significant part in removing highly caked-on grime, and it may help you use less cleaning detergent in the process.

The next time you need to clean a particularly nasty exterior, increase the temperature and use hot water. In many cases, you'll find it to be considerably handier than cold water.

  • Manage Your Pressure

Not all surfaces can withstand pressure cleaning, or at least not high-pressure cleaning. For some kinds of exteriors, you may need to modify the pressure on your washer to prevent causing harm to the surface due to your stream being too powerful.

  • Choose Your Nozzle Carefully

To do the most effective pressure cleaning, you must understand how the different nozzles function and when to use one over another. 

Spray angle and nozzle opening must be considered when selecting the most suitable nozzle for a given task.

For the majority of surfaces, 40 degrees is the optimal angle. Typical nozzle angles vary from 25 to 65 degrees, and the lesser the angle, the stronger the stream. 

As for the size of the nozzle's aperture, smaller ones have a higher pressure, while bigger ones have a lower psi.

  • Distance

Consider the distance between your hose nozzle and the outdoor area you want to clean. It may also affect the effectiveness of your task. While standing closer to a water source, the water's pressure and temperature rise significantly. 

Reducing both by working at a distance from the surface may make the difference between a mediocre and an excellent job on the outside of your property.

Hence, before you begin work, consider how much space you've established and whether or not it's sufficient to do the task effectively.

  • Be Safe

Pressure washers are incredibly strong equipment that, if operated improperly, may be hazardous. Always use goggles, ear protection, boots, long sleeves, and gloves while operating one.

Before turning on the machine, you must ensure that no one is in the spray's path. In addition, hold the machine with two hands and avoid rapid movements; a pressure washer may cause damage to windows, doors, overhangs, and screens. 

Wait, at least for calmer weather if it's windy since the wind might aim spray back at you.


Pressure washing as a cleaning technique has become popular over the last 3 decades and will continue to do so. People often spend excessive effort cleaning the exteriors of their homes.

By using these pressure washing techniques, you can overcome the strain and complete any of these tasks far more quickly than any of your neighbors. Using the proper equipment and adhering to these pressure-washing fundamentals will make cleaning the outside of your house quick and easy.

You might also decide that pressure washing is too much of a burden. And that's all right! If you would rather not do the pressure washing, you can get help from a professional pressure washing company.


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