Tips for Improving Healthcare Brand Awareness

March 12, 2023

Healthcare branding is the process of shaping how a healthcare organization is perceived. It is a crucial element for healthcare companies looking to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive industry. In today's digital age, a healthcare company's brand is just as important as the quality of care it provides. In fact, your brand is the way your organization is perceived by those who experience it, which includes your doctors, your nurses, your board members, and most importantly, your patients.

With the ever-increasing importance of online presence, healthcare branding has become even more critical. It helps organizations ensure they are perceived the way they want to be. A well-crafted healthcare brand can establish trust and credibility, attract new patients, and retain existing ones. It can also help healthcare organizations stand out from the competition, which is essential in today's crowded healthcare market.

Developing a strong healthcare brand is more than just having a name, tagline, logo, or messaging. A healthcare company's brand is the recognizable feeling that these elements evoke. It is an emotional connection that patients make with a healthcare organization. Therefore, it is important to ensure that these elements come together in a cohesive system that is consistently executed across all brand touchpoints. Here are some ways you can improve healthcare digital marketing and branding and your business overall:

Be Clear About the Message You Want to Convey

Crafting a clear and concise message is key to building a brand that sticks out to people. This is especially true for organizations in the public health sector, where complex missions and services can make it challenging to convey a message effectively.

It's important to be crystal-clear on the message you want to get across. To do this, get together with your team and answer some important questions, such as: What defines your brand? What are your main priorities? What type of “voice” or “brand personality” do you want to convey? What is the main takeaway you want people to have from interacting with your organization? What associations do you want to have with your brand? By answering these questions, you can nail down the specifics of your brand before you start creating content or presenting yourself to the community.

The first step in crafting a clear message is to determine your overall goal. Are you aiming to provide health information or connect people to health resources? Is there a specific initiative you are supporting, such as promoting healthier food in public schools or making medication more affordable? Once you have established your goal, the next step is to figure out how to get your message across as quickly and concisely as possible.

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to use your mission statement to drive your public health marketing. For instance, Smart Start's mission is to end childhood obesity. They achieve this by hosting educational events in schools and the community, but they keep their marketing simple and to the point. This helps to ensure their brand is easily recognizable, and their mission is clearly understood. Their slogan, "Each Child. Every Community," is easy to understand and remember, which increases brand awareness and makes their organization more memorable from the get-go.

By narrowing down your message and focusing on the specifics of your brand, you can create a cohesive and effective public health marketing campaign. Remember to keep it simple and to the point, so your message is easily recognizable and memorable.

Leverage Social Media

Incorporating social media into your public health marketing strategy is crucial for expanding your reach and connecting with potential supporters, especially when it comes to digital marketing for B2B models. With over half of new brand discoveries happening on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, it's essential to create engaging content that encourages followers to share your message.

To maximize your social media impact, consider using popular hashtags or creating your own, as the Worldwide Breast Cancer Organization did with #KnowYourLemons. By sharing informational and visually appealing content, your organization can educate and engage followers.

Participating in online groups such as Facebook groups, Reddit threads, or Quora discussions can also be an effective way to promote your organization's expertise and engage with potential supporters. Pay attention to relevant questions and provide helpful responses to establish your organization as a valuable resource in the public health field.

Use a Storytelling Approach

To make public health marketing relatable and effective, storytelling is a crucial element. By sharing personal stories of individuals who have been helped by your organization, you can trigger empathy and raise awareness about the issues you aim to address. Research shows that incorporating personal stories into your marketing can make the information more memorable and increase public support.

For instance, the American Heart Association uses social media, especially YouTube, to share stories of how their organization teaches stroke detection techniques and saves lives. These emotional stories connect with people and make the brand more relatable.

In addition to sharing patient stories, you can also showcase inspiring stories from your staff, such as how they got involved and why the cause is important to them. By humanizing your brand, you can establish deeper connections with your audience and build lasting relationships.

Immerse in Offline Activities

Incorporating offline initiatives, such as charity events, community festivals, or fundraisers, is crucial for a successful public health marketing plan. The ultimate goal is to build trust in public health, and nothing beats face-to-face interactions in achieving this. While sponsoring a charity 5K race is a popular choice, there are many other ways to connect with communities through various events.

For example, during National Public Health Week in April, many private and public state universities host events to support health organizations. Each day of the week focuses on different health initiatives, such as mental health, education, and economic empowerment for healthy living.

Your organization can participate in many events, depending on your mission. Take PrEP Daily, a public health initiative within Indiana’s health department that provides information on HIV transmission prevention and access to PrEP medication. PrEP Daily has participated in Pride events all over the country to connect with LGBTQ+ communities and supporters, promote their brand/message, and provide information. According to, LGBTQ+ communities are at high risk of HIV transmission, making Pride events an ideal place to educate and promote their message.

Healthcare branding is essential for healthcare organizations looking to stand out in a crowded and competitive industry. By defining your brand identity, developing a brand positioning strategy, and crafting consistent messaging and visual elements, you can create a brand that resonates with your target audience and sets you apart from the competition. Let Legend DigiTech help increase awareness to your brand. Reach us today.

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