Top 15+ Ecommerce Marketplaces Development Companies

March 11, 2023

E-commerce is the backbone of the current business environment, which is being pushed by technology at an unprecedented rate. On the other hand, it's noteworthy to remember that 80% of e-commerce websites fail in their goals and wind up going nowhere in the end. In most cases, e-commerce enterprises can only realize their full potential if they get the assistance they need. This is where the role of an e-commerce development company enters the picture.

Nowadays, all business owners are continuously striving for ways that can work in the best way for their business. With eCommerce marketplaces, you can have viable options to keep your company expanding and take it to desired heights. But now the question is if there is a requirement for a specific marketplace to build for your eCommerce business, which company should you stick to?

Are you ready to make your eCommerce business a remarkable online buying experience? Here is a list of top eCommerce developers that can construct custom eCommerce solutions for your company. This unique list of top eCommerce development firms has been compiled after rigorous research and analysis. You may look through, search for, and choose the finest agency to develop an amazing online shopping experience for your consumers.

In this article, some of the best eCommerce marketplace development companies around the globe have been listed to help you find your next tech partner, assist your business in stepping into the world of eCommerce, and to change your idea into a full-fledged eCommerce marketplace. All of these eCommerce marketplace developers have been shortlisted after a thorough review to verify their credibility and reputation in offering quality digital products. So let’s proceed further and initiate discussing all the eCommerce marketplace development leaders individually to bring your attention towards them……

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Select A Trustworthy Ecommerce Marketplace Development Company: How?

Many eCommerce marketplace development companies these days claim to have the expertise, but not all of them are trustworthy. As eCommerce marketplaces are relatively new, finding a partner you can rely on can be tricky for you. Whether you’ve decided to use the below-mentioned list of leading eCommerce marketplace development companies list or continue researching, here’s what you should check for when choosing an eCommerce marketplace development partner:

  • Size of the company
  • Total number of apps produced
  • Size of the company’s clientele
  • Variety of industries worked for
  • Market share of the company
  • Company turnover
  • The number of years of experience the company has
  • The number of successful products they have delivered
  • Their client feedback and reviews
  • Their cost of eCommerce marketplace development services
  • Project delivered in various industrial sectors
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Feedback generated by client reviews
  • The annual business growth rate
  • The tech stack they use

So, these are the parameters that are a must for you to keep in your mind while choosing the best eCommerce marketplace development company.

1 Suffescom Solutions Inc

Located in California, United States, Suffescom Solutions Inc, one of the foremost agile innovators, has been serving countless esteemed clients - Morgan Elliott, PC Doctor, Unimilk, Lindsey Reishman Real Estate, Accurate DNA, and Samsung since 2013. It’s a top eCommerce marketplace development company that has built a great reputation for itself across a wide range of platforms like GoodFirms, Clutch, etc., through outstanding reviews from its past clients. This way, you can partner with Suffescom Solutions Inc, a leading eCommerce marketplace developer, to get marketplaces with several values, including- reliability, security, robustness, and more.

2 RisingMax Inc

Focussed on transforming the world with eCommerce marketplace development services, RisingMax Inc has partnerships with teams of aggressive startups and large companies to build engaging eCommerce platforms and bring high levels of engagement through unique formats & branding as well. The company is headquartered in the NewYork with offices worldwide and has a 5/5 rating on the clutch, which indicates its proficiency in developing eCommerce marketplaces for clients globally. Irrespective of the industry you are in, RisingMax Inc, a top eCommerce marketplace development company, assists you in empowering your business operations by launching eCommerce marketplaces.

3 Best Web3 Development

Best Web3 Development is the world's go-to strategic eCommerce marketplace development company in the United States that checks all the requirements to be your ideal partner. It's a high-end eCommerce marketplace development business that delivers a wide range of development services to corporations and startups. This company not only focuses on churning out world-class eCommerce marketplaces but also on supporting full-stack solutions. It's making huge strides in eCommerce marketplace development and recently developed web3 technology-based eCommerce marketplaces that rank high among the companies developing eCommerce marketplaces.

4 Western Stack

Western Stack is a premier eCommerce marketplace development company that assists early-stage and enterprise companies to form & execute their vision. The company takes pride in being the preferred web3 technology partner of leading businesses in California while strengthening its presence in other parts of the world. The company is popular among clients, namely NBC, Universal, BMW, Deloitte, Verizon, and Expedia, for supporting their business growth, developing eCommerce marketplaces with state-of-the-art technology, offering- AI-based solutions or bespoke software solutions, and providing innovative & exceptional services. It’s a 9+ years strong company that offers web3-based solutions keeping in mind innumerable factors like customer service quality as well as increased efficiency in work.

5 Mobikasa

One of the foremost companies to come out with a viable proof-of-concept for eCommerce marketplaces is Mobikasa. It is located in New York but also has offices in Los Angeles, United States, New Delhi, India, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company has established a strong footprint for serving clients from diverse industry vertices, namely-

Versace, Harry Winston, Maurice Lacroix, Mavi Jeans, AMegaport, Limeroad, Cardekho, Goldbroker, Fortuny, Pollack, Paris Art Deco, Quince & Co, ArloSkye, Bear Mattress, Beauty Rx, Howcast, My Pooja Box, Performix, Harry & David, Mt. Sinai and many more. In addition to this, it has an innovative team that develops custom-built, cost-effective software solutions for companies of all sizes, from startups to enterprises, and creates solutions to engage your targeted audience.

6 Sunrise Integration

Sunrise Integration is one of the well-established eCommerce marketplace development companies that offer full-cycle services to startups, small businesses, enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies all across the globe and different industry domains, namely- Live Nation, Pitney Bowes, Bombas, Freshbooks, Maersk, DHL, Rebecca Minkoff, 4Moms, Morphe, UnTuckit, ReCharge. Established in 1999, the company has multi-platform expertise, including- Magento, WordPress, Shogun, Amazon, eBay, Shopify and Bigcommerce.

7 Emizen Tech

One of the acclaimed eCommerce marketplace development organizations, Emizen Tech guides 450+ clients through every stage of eCommerce marketplace development involving- Ego Shoes, Rebellious fashion, Loving Earth, Body Kraze, Curacao, Shear Auto, and many more., KIA Motors, and more. It’s a well-known worldwide agency that serves not only India but also Singapore, London, and New York. With 9+ years of experience, the company has acquired a 90% client retention rate for launching 1000+ projects. Furthermore, to enable you to propel sales, massive traffic, and overall business growth, Emizen Tech delivers the most efficient solutions.

8 Elogic Commerce

One of the worthy pics among the eCommerce marketplace development companies is Elogic Commerce, an end-to-end eCommerce development firm that utilizes groundbreaking technologies and develops highly-customized solutions at very affordable prices. The company has 200+ eCommerce experts who have served more than 500 clients- Carbon38, Vertu, Joie, RollerRabbit, Marimekko USA, Watches of Mayfair, Amsale, Benum, and many more. The best thing about Elogic Commerce is that it allows you to take advantage of its services regardless of your location, as it serves not merely Estonia but Sweden, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, New York, Chicago, San Diego, Canada, Australia, Italy, Ukraine, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Latvia, and Los Angeles as well.

9 pb+j

What has positioned pb+j at the heart of the eCommerce marketplace Development Companies in Canada is its deep expertise in Digital Strategy, eComm Website Design and Development, UX/UI Design, Conversion Rate Optimization, Performance Optimization, Brand Identity, and Pun Mastery. It’s a top-rated business that dominates the global market by offering the best solutions to clients globally, namely- Loverboy, Endy, Harvard Business School, Stanford Design School, Red Bull, Microsoft / Xbox, Boie USA, Pela, Fairmont Store, Westjet, Marriott Hotels, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, Rogers, Progressive Nutritionals, Kraft Heinz, Dodge Ram Jeep, Harper Collins Canada., and Marble Slab Creamery.

10 Agency Partner Interactive LLC

Since 2010, Agency Partner Interactive LLC has been a leading player in the eCommerce marketplace development space, serving esteemed customers ranging from startup companies and digital-focused enterprises, namely- Edwards Lifesciences, Parks Associates, Inc., SEA Limited, CTR Aero, Ag-Power Inc., Delivra, Flourish Curls, Trinity Hardwood, Parsec Technologies, Executive Refreshments, Warrior Logistics Ltd, Deb Purdy, Trinity Hardwood, Parsec Technologies, Executive Refreshments, Bowtie, Warrior Logistics, and more. Agency Partner Interactive LLC is a well-regarded eCommerce marketplace development firm with an aim to excel at the unique services that they offer, such as-design service, staff augmentation, digital marketing, and more.

11 Magneto IT Solutions

Famous for working on the most challenging projects and staying on the cutting edge of today's emerging technologies, Magneto IT Solutions has 120+ team members worldwide-London, including Leicester, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Ahmedabad, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Fremont, and San Francisco. What enabled this company to achieve 5/5 ratings on GoodFirms & 4.9/5 on Google and win 6+ awards is its B2C, B2B, B2B2B, B2B2C, and D2C solutions that it offers to clients globally- Nova Consulting, Daikin, World of Stones, Soji Cleaners, Y K Almoyyad, Ashraf's Bahrain, Al Jazira, Rockwell Trading USA, Wadairs, Race Chip, CC Boutik, KTM, Lynkd, Traffic NYC, and Elitescreen Inc.

12 Wanted for Nothing

Wanted for Nothing has a highly experienced team consisting of strategists, designers, developers, and project managers with technical capabilities and breadth of knowledge to assure you that the ecommerce marketplace it establishes will always meet all of your requirements. Since being founded in 2017, the company has served a wide range of clients, namely-, Flock Freight, Brookfield Properties, Purdue University, Pravana, Kewaunee Scientific, Melio Payments, and APM Music. In addition to this, it emphasizes UX/UI design, web development, custom web applications, and e-commerce platforms, which indicates how successfully it delivers projects for a multitude of industries all around the globe.

13 Linkup Studio

No surprise, for one of the most well-known names in the most important companies handling ecommerce marketplace development, Linkup Studio serves clients with specific services including- Custom Software Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development, UI/UX Design, and Software Product Discovery. What makes Linkup Studio a unique, all-rounder & passionate eCommerce marketplace development company is its services for startups and enterprises for around 10+ years. Besides, the company has won 10 top-rated design awards to satisfy 150+ clients, which enables it to strengthen its footprint in the world of eCommerce.

14 DigitalSuits

DigitalSuits carved out a solid niche for itself in the eCommerce marketplace development business thanks to its high-quality services, value-driven staff, and extensive experience in 2016 in creating a wide range of enterprise solutions. Headquartered in Austin, the company serves startups and small and medium-sized businesses in the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, Israel, Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, and more. Its main focus is outsourcing software development services-E-commerce, SaaS solutions, and product development for clients-Claim Technology, Laurus Law, Eurora, CrossingMinds, WYTH, Scentbird, AskPorter, CloudRaker belong to Retail, Real Estate, and Insurance industries.

15 IntexSoft

In a very short span of time, IntexSoft has been overwhelmed with success and has gained a significant position in Poland. Serving since 2001, the company has 350+ specialists who have delivered 260+ projects to clients such as T-Systems, Apollon, w&co, arvato,, ColabPro, RDL GROUP, ColabPro, REMSMART, resolto, Sitewerk, Primelephants, Lineate, and more. Additionally, it offers quality assurance services to innumerable verticles including-E-commerce, including Enterprise software development, HR, Telecommunications, Finance & Banking, Logistics, and Real Estate, which lets you expect end-to-end eCommerce marketplace development under one roof.

16 Fourmeta

Recognized as a key player in offering eCommerce marketplace development services, Fourmeta has a highly experienced team with plenty of knowledge to assure you that the eCommerce marketplace it establishes will always meet your needs. The team at Fourmeta has more than 5 years of experience in completing 150+ projects successfully for 6 industries in a specific industry vertical. Altogether, it has experts that fulfill your needs and take your business to an unexpected level of heights under one roof.

Benefits Of Using Ecommerce Marketplaces Over Traditional Methods Of Selling: What Are They?

Online marketplaces are growing increasingly popular among businesses and merchants as ecommerce grows and the number of digital customers grows. There are numerous significant advantages to utilizing online markets over conventional means of selling, including:

Expanded reach

One of the most important gratifications of online markets is the potential to reach a broader audience with less cost. By putting your items on marketplace portals, you may get a fully prepared audience of purchasers.

Extension of Influence and Exposure

Online marketplaces allow you to access a larger audience, which is one of the key advantages of selling your products there. By marketing on an online marketplace, you may reach customers who have yet to hear of your company.


Both consumers and sellers benefit from shopping on internet marketplaces. Customers may explore various items from various companies in one location. Sellers may easily put their things on a platform and have them viewed by millions of prospective buyers.

Gaining access to a new consumer base

Internet marketplaces provide businesses and merchants with a new clientele they would not have had otherwise. It is particularly advantageous for small firms and start-ups trying to get visibility and develop their operations.

A rise in both revenue and earnings

Marketing on online marketplaces may enhance brand and merchant sales and profitability. It's because marketplaces expose your items to a larger audience, which may lead to more sales. Moreover, you may retain more revenues since online marketplaces often charge a lower commission than conventional brick-and-mortar retailers.

Upon Consideration,

So, after doing crucial research, a credible list of the best eCommerce marketplace development companies has been filtered that are currently in operation. Ecommerce marketplaces are acquiring popularity, and undoubtedly, they’ll mean a lot to all in the coming years. Like other typical marketplaces that all business people prefer, eCommerce marketplace development companies will surely use the available untouched powers to serve companies as well as to keep them substantially growing.

Nowadays, eCommerce marketplaces are an on-demand trend and offer services to consumers & firms so that they can follow the latest trends and have products to flourish in eCommerce marketplaces. So, if you want to develop your own eCommerce marketplace, explore the wide pool of functionalities, and have a better user experience that you have never relished before, reach out to the high-end eCommerce marketplace development companies enlisted above.

Hopefully, this list has assisted you in finding the right eCommerce development company for your needs.


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