Web App Development Steps: Building Javascript Web Apps

March 3, 2023

To build exceptional web apps and reduce the cost of web application development, there are certain steps you can follow. Starting from planning and passing design and prototype steps to deployment and maintenance with code writing standards and practices, these are necessary steps to follow. Let's have a look into the steps for web application development every Javascript developer must follow.

Types of Web Applications

Three basic types of web applications are client-side, server-sider, and single-page apps. Type of app is selected depending on the type of app you want to build and the features it is supposed to have. Let’s have a look at each type of web app and understand its working.

Client-Side Web Apps

Client-side web applications are the apps with heavy front-end development working. Meaning, interactive UI elements, changing UI and visuals, and elements designed to grab users’ focus. Client-side apps prefer giving users high-performing apps.

The data in such apps is loaded dynamically when the app starts up. Close to none buffering happens because of client-side rendering at load time. Making client side apps highly responsive and fast.

Server-Side Web Apps

The apps that are on the heavier side of business logic or backend end development are called server-side apps, because more logic and functioning is happening at the server side. In this type of development, developers are supposed to write backend code, apply logic to connect the backend to frontend and database, build and maintain databases, maintain and connect the app to the server, interact with the APIs and third party libraries.

Server side apps work well with static content, while they can work with dynamically changing content as well. Sending requests to change and update the content in the frontend takes time to send, receive, and take action on the request. Server-side web apps are built with high security with multiple browser compatibility.

Single-Page Apps

Client side and server side apps are different from single page apps. In traditional apps, i.e. multi page applications, pages only load when users click on them. Single page apps, SPAs, have the advantage of both server and client side applications.

Just like their name, they are one page apps, that have an infinite scroll, you keep on scrolling and the content keeps on appearing. SPAs do have a little higher loading time, but python developers use techniques like dynamic loading and fast frameworks to cover up for it.

Problem definition

Planning before development is to analyze the problem and find the best solution possible. Planning and requirement gathering task if often assigned to business development, but JavaScript developers for hire have to extract business requirements from the data.

Following are the questions to which you have to find the answers:

  • Problem/reason for building the app?
  • The type of problems to solve?
  • Type of audience will you cater to?
  • Potential user expectation from the app?
  • How can their needs be catered?
  • What type of product will cater their needs?
  • How to keep the users satisfied with the app?

Finding answers to these questions will solve half of your problems and help you devise a solution. This solution will not only be targeted to the users, custom made for your audience, but also help cater their needs accurately along with providing them features or services, retaining them for the long term.

Making the plan

With all the answers, strategizing and making a plan becomes easier. The first step is to define project scope, then plan the development to be completed before the deadline. Then select the tools and technologies to be used, define your budget and goals. And, finally, organize the development of different modules to avoid bottlenecks.

Software design - making it beautiful

This is the time to put your idea to reality by making the design prototype. To make the best design, gather the required information from your target audience, making the product future proof. Keep both functional and UI parts of software interesting.

Prototyping stage

Hire JavaScript developers and UI designers before prototyping. Hire remotely if you do not want to get into the hassle of hiring in-house. If you already have a team then assign them roles and start development.

Prototype is an MVP, minimum viable product, equipped with essential features. This helps validate the idea and features directly from customers. MVP is deployment ready release, however if you want to work on a prototype first, get it approved by the client and then develop the initial release, it's also fine.

Writing the code

Development is the main step in building great JavaScript web applications and websites. Only start development after clear scope is defined, project ideas are clear, functionalities are defined and final, and you have got the feedback from the prototype.

Depending on the project and client requirements, selection of appropriate development methodology is important. Usually, agile development with CI/CD development is the best method. Javascript developers for hire are the best resources for web development. In fact, more than 70% of companies hire JS developers for development purposes.

Testing, Testing

In CI/CD approach each module is tested as it is developed, then entire software is tested when each module is integrated. QA and testing are very important and no software should be released without passing the QA check. Skipping this step can cause the software to malfunction and even crash, which is bad for business.

1.2.3. Launch!

At the time of launch and right after it, often the software runs into multiple but small problems. So, at this stage keep your eyes and ears open, listen to the users and monitor the software. Solve any problem at earliest and it will all be good.

Maintenance. Repeat from step 1

Once the app is over to the users small maintenance issues are tackled with time. With big errors or new releases you have to follow from step 1 all the way to the previous step.

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