What Colors Look Best With Blue Kitchen Cabinets?

March 1, 2023

Blue is the color that many love to incorporate into their homes. There is no doubt that it brings a majestic vibe with it that everyone craves in a home. The kitchen is no exception. There are many color combinations on the internet. And we have noticed that blue is a popular choice among homeowners.

Blue cabinets are a classic and due to the aesthetic it brings to the table, it is the top choice of many people.

On the other hand, there are some people who want elegance and fun. There are ample ideas on how you can select the best color that complements the blue kitchen cabinets. It does not matter if you want to go for a bright and colorful vibe or are more inclined towards elegance. We have the color schemes that will make your kitchen stand out.

So without wasting any time, let us jump into the ideas and see which one appeals to you.

7 Color Combinations That You Can Try With Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Everyone wants their kitchen to look perfect and reek of elegance. If you are stuck and need to know what color scheme you should go for, we are here to help. You can look at the suggestions given below to achieve the dream look that you are going for.

White Will Not Disappoint You

As white is a color associated with open space and freedom blue is a color that creates the illusion of depth and mystery. Both these colors complement each other in the best way possible.

Blue cabinets with white shelves and chimneys will give your kitchen a modern and stylish look.

You can also add blue and white wallpapers as well for a little fun. It is entirely on you if you want to add these colors in a balanced amount or let one color dominate the other. Either way, it will look fantastic.

Wooden Flooring and Different Shades of Blue

If you want to maintain the elegance provided by the blue cabinets, it is better to balance out the warmth by adding wooden flooring as well. Coming to the walls, you can add any dark tone or pastel colors as well. The overall unique vibe will make your kitchen look traditional.

Moreover, you can include glass cabinets. How about painting the furniture a deep shade of blue or the same color as your walls to achieve perfect symmetry? There is no speck of doubt that your kitchen will look like what you have imagined.

Yellow Will Take You in a Dream World

Two-toned kitchens are the trend today and people look for bold and subtle colors that work well with each other. The combination of yellow and blue achieves the ideal harmony between assertive and understated, contrasting gentle and mellow tones so the cumulative trend isn't noisy.

With a blue kitchen cabinet, yellow paint on the walls will look amazing. You can add wooden hardware and brown rugs to add some variety.

Red Marble and Blue Look Sophisticated

Marble is a popular choice in kitchen designs, and many people absolutely love them. But what if I tell you that the combination of red marble and blue is the answer? Incorporate red marble tiles and shelves and go for blue cabinets and appliances.

But be aware that marble tiles can sometimes be slippery so if you have kids in your home think about your decision beforehand. Overall we cannot deny the sophistication it brings to the table.

If you want to add another color to it, feel free to add it. In this case, white or black sounds perfect with it.

Mix and Match of Blue and Teal

Although it is a rare color combination and you will see few people adopting this scheme but trust me if you know how to use it, your kitchen will look phenomenal. You can use teal color for upper cabinets and blue for lower cabinets to create a nice effect.

We have not forgotten about the selves and walls. White or green walls will complement these colors. You will definitely be amazed by how nice and spacy your kitchen will look after the makeover.

Navy Blue and Gray With a Touch of Gold

A strong and vibrant kitchen color scheme is navy blue and gold. When the basic cabinetry is blue, and the equipment and fittings dazzle in gold, the flawlessly fashionable kitchen color scheme appears spectacular.

A grey tile backsplash provides a gentle backdrop for the vibrant kitchen counter. You can also hang framed art in blue and gold to give it an artistic look. Your kitchen will look both contemporary and traditional thanks to this color palette.

Burnt Orange and Light Powder Blue

Let me tell you your kitchen will stand out thanks to the unique and striking combination of these colors. The powder blue cools down the warmth of the orange color, and this is the reason why they look great together. You can also add brick wallpaper to add an aesthetic look.

Wooden tiles are a great option as well. The artwork and the appliances can repeat the same color scheme.

How to Choose the Color Scheme That Works Well With Your Kitchen?

First of all, you should take a deep breath and explore all the options available. We are sure that you have a vision in your mind that will help you get a clear view. The color schemes discussed above will look great with blue cabinets. If you have any other combinations in mind, you can work towards them.

It is better to hire a designer that will help you in clearing your confusion. They will also help you in coming up with a practical plan as well.

Final Words

Kitchen remodeling is not an easy task, it needs your time and effort. But on the other hand, it is not an everyday task and needs proper practical steps so that you can achieve your dream kitchen. Blue is an elite color, if you pair it with the right combination the overall look will be magnificent. There are a lot of color combinations above and you can have a look at them to see which color scheme suits your kitchen.


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