What Is Landscape Consultation And When Do You Need One?

March 10, 2023

Landscape consultation is getting help from a landscaper or architect to design, create, maintain, or improve a property’s outdoor space. People specializing in providing this service often call themselves landscape consultants or designers. They often focus on designing water features, lighting, hardscaping, and planting schemes. And often, the ones who request landscaping consultation services are homeowners, municipalities, businesses, and so on.

Consultants often go through a systematic process when providing their services. Usually, they start by conversing with their client to know their needs or requests. After that, they’ll check out the property for a site analysis. After that, they’ll proceed in designing the plan to satisfy the demands of their clients.

Typically, the requests of landscaping consultant clients revolve around increasing property value, improving curb appeal, and making outdoor spaces more functional. Sometimes, these consultants are asked to solve landscaping issues such as lowering soil quality, poor drainage, and erosion.

When Do You Need To Have A Landscape Consultation

At this point, you should be familiar with what landscape consultation is. The question now is when do you need one? To know, continue reading.

  • Fixing Landscaping Issues

There are a lot of landscaping issues a homeowner can face on their property. Some of them are:

  • Erosion: This is often caused by human movement, water, or wind. It causes a lot of problems in a property. Erosion can remove topsoil, making it difficult for plants to thrive. The erosion process can make the ground unstable to traverse. And it can also potentially kill trees and existing plant life.
  • Poor drainage: Poor drainage in your outside space can lead to erosion. It can also lead to puddles and water accumulation, allowing pests to grow.
  • Wet areas: Wet areas in your property can be caused by many things, including poor drainage. Typically, these wet areas can encourage the growth of unwanted flora and fauna, such as mushrooms and mold.
  • Mushrooms: Mushrooms don’t just grow in wet areas; they grow in places where the sun doesn’t shine as much too. They deserve special mention as they can be a costly problem to deal with. And you need to deal with them fast if you have pets and kids playing outside your properties frequently.
  • Invasive species: Aside from pests, improperly designed and maintained landscapes can become home to invasive animals and plants. While they won’t pose immediate problems, they can become threats in the future.
  • Rocky terrain: An outdoor space with a lot of rocks poses a lot of problems. For one, planting can become difficult. And then, rocks can damage your lawn mower and even cause an accident.

A good landscape design can combat these problems, which you can get from professional landscape consultants like the ones from Bend Pine Landscape Design.

  • Building On A New Property

If you recently acquired a new property and are planning to build a house on it, you’ll need a landscape consultation. It’s a perfect opportunity to do so, as you might want to ensure that your outdoor space matches your new home’s design. Not to mention that consulting can allow you to determine how much money you’ll need to pour into your landscaping for you to figure out how you can work it into your budget.

  • Thinking Of Selling Your Property

When planning to sell your property, one of the best investments you can make to raise its price on the market is to have a landscape consultation. Of course, even if you’re not selling, raising your property’s curb appeal level is still worthwhile. After all, who doesn’t want to live in a home with attractive landscaping?

  • Leaving Landscaping To The Pros

Landscaping isn’t an easy feat, alright. Even if you have a burning passion for DIY, landscaping may be already beyond you as you may not have enough energy and time to deal with it. And it becomes more difficult if you have no interest in gardening or any manual labor related to your yard, lawn, or any part of your outdoor space.

Aside from those, you may need to gain the expertise to know all the pros and cons of all the elements you may introduce in your yard or outdoor space. For example, improperly planting a non-native tree in a location with poor soil quality will only result in a dead tree in the future. In addition to being unsightly, a dead tree can easily tank the resale value of your property.

If you’re in those situations and have some money to burn, don’t hesitate to consult a landscaper or contractor. Nothing beats letting professionals do all the work for you.

  • Planning To Live In The Property Long Term

One of the biggest roadblocks regarding landscaping consultation is the price. A limited budget can make you think twice, and you may instead want to pour your resources into something else.

Nonetheless, suppose you’re not planning to sell your property but want to live on it for a long time. In that case, you may want to reconsider getting professional help regarding your landscaping.

  • Utilizing Your Outdoor Space More

Landscaping consultation isn’t all about making your outdoor space beautiful. You can also consult professionals to make the most out of your property.

For example, consult a landscaping consultant if you want a pool, patio, outdoor kitchen or lounge, or even an outdoor party venue for your future guests. A landscape consultant can help you plan, design, and build those to utilize your outdoor space more.

  • Craving For Privacy

Aside from dealing with plants, soil, and outdoor space, landscape consultants can help you by providing privacy through fences, walls, and gates too. Consult a landscaper immediately if you don’t want prying eyes lingering around.

After all, even if you have good relationships with your neighbors, there will be a lot of times that you’d want you or your family to enjoy the solitude your outdoor space can offer you.

  • Worrying About The Environment

Everywhere you look, it’s a concrete jungle. While it’s your choice to live in the city or a suburban area, you can’t help but think about how good it is to live in a place where you can be one with nature. Thankfully, landscapers have become creative when designing properties that can give you the illusion that you’re not living in the middle of the city and other concrete infrastructures.

Meanwhile, making your property ‘greener’ can be a way for you to contribute to the environment’s health. And if you get a smart consultant, they may be able to help your property to contribute more by choosing helpful plants, like sunflower and alfalfa, that can help purify soil of contaminants.

Furthermore, you should know that having a greener outdoor space helps accomplish some of the sustainable development goals created by the United Nations.

  • Wanting A Cooler Environment

You may already have noticed how hot it can be in cities and how cool it can be if you’re in a middle of a properly landscaped property. It should not be surprising that trees and plants have a cooling effect on the environment. A study in Australia has concluded that trees in backyards can reduce the temperature by 6°C (around 11°F).

Aside from the presence, trees, and vegetation can give you that much-needed shade. Know that shades not only can help cool your property but also help other plants thrive and allow you to introduce some species you may want to see in your outdoor space.

  • Protecting Your Home

Another cool thing about trees and plants is that they can help fortify your home by preventing erosion that can weaken your house’s foundation. However, while they protect your house in a way, they can also cause devastating damage.

For example, an old tree’s roots can grow aggressively to the point that they can protrude into existing plumbing and even weaken walls. Because of that, you can’t just plant or install trees on your property. You should get some help from landscapers to ensure that you get trees with less invasive roots. Additionally, they can determine the best placement on your property so they don’t wreak havoc.

  • Knowing More About What You Can Do With Your Property

This post isn’t enough to tell you everything about what other things you can benefit from having a landscaped property. A consultant can tell you what features and renovations they can employ in your outdoor space and how you can directly gain from those additions and changes.


You should now know what landscaping consultation is and when you need one. As you can see, it’s a convenient service to improve your property’s appearance, fix problems in your property’s exterior, and maximize the utility of your outdoor space.

And as you may have read, a properly landscaped property can provide many benefits. After all, landscaping isn’t just for aesthetics, resale value, or optimizing the use of your property’s outdoor space. In addition, it can give you a chance to help the environment, enjoy the pleasures nature can bring, and have a much more comfortable home.

Therefore, getting a landscaping consultation can be a worthwhile investment whether you plan to sell your home soon or stay for a long time.

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