What Is VoIP Consulting Service and Why Do You Need It?

March 17, 2023

VoIP Consulting addresses the innate need for high-quality, reliable, cost-effective, and secure communication. As per a report by Research & Markets, in 2021, the corporate VoIP services market is expected to grow to $83.0 billion by 2026. It is evident that as more businesses turn to VoIP solutions, legacy telecommunication solutions will be left behind.

There is no denying that the increasing commercialization and demand of 4G and 5G networks are among the driving factors for many businesses that VoIP consultation is taking care of very efficiently. It maintains a steady solution in the volatile and ever-evolving market.

This article explores the prospects of VoIP consulting, the potential benefits a converged business receives, and factors in VoIP consultation's ROI.

What is VoIP & VoIP Consulting Service?

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a powerful tool that transmits voice calls or communication data packets over an IP network. Precisely, VoIP digitalizes voice signals, converts them to IP packets, and sends them over the IP network and telephone. It uses an application-layer-signaling protocol, i.e., SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). This protocol establishes, maintains, and terminates multimedia sessions.

VoIP consultancy service, on the other hand, identifies the opportunities hidden in your current system and what are the best options available to scale it. It also enables an environment where experienced IT consultants analyze the business pain point and offer a flexible solution that fits perfectly to the business infrastructure.

What Kind of Businesses Need VoIP Consultancy Service?

Communication is the primary requirement of any business. A non-reliable communication solution can break many crucial deals and company relationships with clients and users. It also becomes costly to afford a telecommunication system for many long-distance calls. VoIP consultancy service solves all these issues. It enables a reliable, high-quality, cost-effective, and secure solution for businesses of all sizes.

No wonder the VoIP market is gaining significant traction and is forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.8%.

There are four parameters to ensure a business network is ready to handle increased load and smooth configuration.

1. Network Inventory

2. Utilization Assessment

3. Bandwidth Modeling

4. VoIP Quality Assessment (if it already exists)

VoIP Consultancy Service Availability

Switching to a VoIP solution or scaling the existing solution is a challenge. VoIP consultation makes this process easy by measuring the business requirement.

Depending on company size, budget, and requirement, VoIP Consultancy Service lets you avail the benefits of VoIP for three types of VoIP systems -

  1. On-premises
  2. Hybrid
  3. Hosted

How Does VoIP Consultancy Service Work?

According to the Swiftcomm website, VoIP consultation aims to analyze business requirements and implement a solution that fosters an affordable communication system.

1. Assessment

The first step includes an in-depth assessment of your requirements and determining the critical factors to boost the current system's productivity. The evaluation phase also consists of a detailed questionnaire where VoIP consultants understand the current system issues and future expectations from the solution.

2. Strategic Plan

Once the requirements are understood, the VoIP Consultancy Service implements a strategic plan. It includes vital functions like resource planning and easy accessibility. Here operation and project management teams work together and prepare a blueprint with relevant security and advanced VoIP features within an affordable range given by the client. VoIP Consultants also help gauge the value of features like an auto-call router, conferencing call, and more, as required.

3. Implementation

This step includes setting up the hardware (in case of on-premise VoIP solution) and system settings like internet connection, headset and microphone, and CRM integration (in case of hosted solution).

4. Monitoring

The last phase includes monitoring the solution and rendering customer support for a smooth transition phase for the client.

Why Do You Need VoIP Consultancy Service?

One of the key benefits of VoIP consultation and VoIP solutions is its cost-effectiveness. It enhances the ROI calculations of the businesses by reducing bills through network convergence.

  • Easy Installation and Migration

Adjusting to a new business solution is a challenge for its users. VoIP consultation makes this process easier with constant support during the transition period.

  • Continuity

It offers continuity to businesses. With constant IT support, cloud services, and backups, the business process never experiences a glitch. VoIP consultancy lets assess continuity for all business operations even when the load on the network is high.

  • Scalability

Unlike traditional telecommunication systems with a defined number of ports to plugin telephones, VoIP offers greater flexibility over the number of users. This approach gives a higher scalability option to businesses. VoIP consultancy comes handy to dig in-depth and understand how the VoIP solution can be scaled.

  • Cost-effective

Setting up a hardware system comes with various hidden surplus charges that often burn a hole in the pocket. These charges can incur due to routine maintenance, hardware-health checkups, hardware system faults, etc. On the contrary, VoIP consultancy service is relatively inexpensive. You can discover hidden costs with consultants and strategize a cost-effective solution.

As per research firm IDC, a VoIP system reduces telephony-related expenses by 30%. Since VoIP is a software-based solution, it includes no overhead for maintaining a hardware system and other hidden charges.

On average, businesses save 50% to 70% after switching to VoIP consultancy services.

  • Better Customer Service

VoIP encapsulates various advanced features which can be unraveled with VoIP consultancy services. For instance, the "click-to-talk" button lets the customer contact the customer service agent as the calls are directed to customer care through customer relationship management software (CRM). It reduces waiting time and gives the user an easy way to connect.

  • Smooth Call Management

VoIP consultancy service smoothens call management system. It enables various enterprise-level communication capabilities like auto-attendant, find me/follow-me feature, caller-ID, broadcast messaging, and call forwarding. Earlier, only the PBX telephony system had these advanced features. However, today, with the evolution of cost-effective VoIP solutions, businesses can avail of all these benefits ures at an affordable price.

  • Mobility

In today's time, when the workplace is expanding across horizons, VoIP is a game changer. Unlike traditional telecommunication solutions, VoIP allows you to work from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and a VoIP device. You can answer your calls from business trips or your home.

VoIP Consulting analyses the scope and dynamics of mobility and offers the proper guidance.

  • Tech Assessments and Complete IT Support

Since no two businesses are alike, a single VoIP solution also can not fit in some places. That is where the role of VoIP consultation comes in. The VoIP consultancy service runs the enterprise infrastructure assessment and provides a customized solution that fits your business needs ideally.


Only recently, enterprises had an affordable solution to meet their communication requirements. However, the advent of VoIP solutions and consultancy service has changed the picture. Now, VoIP consultation is securing its place in the "TO DO" list of many enterprises. If you also plan to adopt VoIP, consider relying on a trusted and experienced VoIP consulting service for high-quality features.

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