What To Do When You Have an Unexpected Bill

March 9, 2023

There is nothing worse than receiving a huge bill you were not expecting. Maybe you had a big repair on your car you had to pay for. Perhaps your energy bills have sky-rocketed, and you were not aware they would be this high. Unfortunately, no matter what the bill is, you have to ensure that you pay it on time to avoid additional charges and not get into trouble.

So, what should you do when you have a bill you need to pay, but you were not expecting it? Here are some tips that can help you get through this difficult time.

Ensure the Bill is Correct

First of all, you should always check and make sure the bill is correct. Mistakes can happen, and if this is an amount that is higher than normal, you definitely want to ensure that all of the details are right. In some cases, something might have gone wrong, which has increased the bill you have received. You will be able to inform the company, and they can reduce the bill to the correct amount.

Therefore, never accept a bill that is a new and higher amount. Always check the breakdown you receive and make sure that the figures are correct. Do not be afraid to contact the company directly and question them if you think something is wrong. That is what a customer service representative is there for.

Consider a Loan

If you do not have enough in your savings and you are struggling to gather the funds for an unexpected bill, consider getting a loan. There are short-term options on offer that can give you the cash injection you need. In some cases, the money can even be sent on the same day. This allows you to stop worrying about the bill you have received.

Just make sure that you choose your loan carefully. You want to ensure you are able to pay this back without any further trouble. To get short-term loans in UK, visit My Quick Loan. You can get a loan from £100 to £5,000, which can help you with any type of bill. You can get a free, no-obligation quote online to help you make up your mind.

Inform the Company of Your Struggles

If you are really in a position where you are going to struggle to pay this bill, you should try contacting the company. There are some companies that will be glad you have contacted them rather than simply not paying. When you inform them of your financial struggles, there might be things they can do to help. For example, you might be able to reach an agreement about a payment plan, or they could give you more time to pay.

Note that you should never just ignore the bill. While you might not have the money to pay it in full, you cannot just hope it goes away. The company will know that you have not paid on time. So, if you inform the company, they can find a way to help you, and it could even be a way to reduce charges.

Evaluate Your Spending

What are your spending habits like? If you are someone that likes to buy luxury items during the month, this might be a time when you need to curb your spending. Yes, working hard means that you should reward yourself. But, if you have an unexpected bill to pay, you need to prioritise paying that to avoid financial trouble. Perhaps it is time to evaluate your spending so that you can pay the bill and make sure you have some savings for future emergencies.

In most cases, there are going to be non-essential purchases you are going to be able to cut out over the next few months, which might help you deal with an unexpected bill. For example, this could include subscriptions, shopping trips or other things you are buying that you do not really need.

Think About Your Overdraught

Do you have an overdraught on your bank account? This is something that you might want to think about taking advantage of if you have a big bill to pay. You can dip into the overdraught if you know that it is not going to be a lot of money you need. Then, you can pay it back when you have the cash.

But, something you need to be aware of when it comes to your overdraught is interest and charges. There are going to be some banks that will charge you if you go into overdraught. Make sure that you check your arrangement with the bank and know what you are getting into. Some might have reasonable rates and you think this is worth doing. But, there are some banks that will be unreasonable when it comes to an overdraught, and you might decide that it is too much money for a one-off bill.


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