What To Pack For Your Trip To Penang

March 31, 2023

A trip to Penang should be thrilling yet it can come with its complexities. That includes what to pack as that could be determined by the season and the weather you can expect. You may also want to consider the activities you want to do as visiting mosques and temples should be done while being dressed modestly and going barefoot. For more things to do with kids in Penang, head to Tabi Together for some expert advice.


Granted, Malaysia is typically hot, sticky, and humid so you likely do not need to pack much in the way of heavy clothing anyway. However, prepare for monsoon seasons that cover a lot of the year. There are effectively two rainy seasons in Malaysia; on the west coast, it lasts from April up to October while on the east coast, it runs from November to February. Should you plan your visit to Penang from October to the following March, then you can expect to leave the anorak and boots at home.

If you do end up timing your trip to Penang for monsoon season then make sure you pack a few waterproof items. That should include a lightweight rain jacket to keep you dry but not too sweaty as it will remain humid and hot. A travel umbrella is another option as it can keep the sun's rays off when it isn’t raining. Should you be carrying any electrical gear like a laptop or your smartphone, invest in a dry bag to keep it all covered, it will also keep the sand away when you treat yourself to a beach day.

Water Bottle

That heat and humidity will get to you as soon as you arrive in Penang so be prepared. Come with a collapsible water bottle so you do not have to carry, or buy, plastic water bottles a few times a day. This should save you some money as you can fill up at any of the numerous drinking fountains you find. Once you have got yourself hydrated, collapse the bottle and store it in your luggage instead of using up valuable space and having to give it up at airport security.


As Penang, and Malaysia in general, is typically hot and humid, it can be quite sapping having to lug so much luggage around. Keep it simple and light by bringing the right-sized luggage that has a capacity of 35 liters at most. A lot of budget Asian airlines only allow for 7kg as a weight allowance for carry-on bags and that should be a guiding factor. Your personal item plus an overhead bag should weigh under 15 pounds when put together.

Save yourself the bother of taking things you simply do not need by packing them all into your carry-on bag. That should help with check-in times, expensive fees, and generally getting around. Remember that it will be hot and humid so the less luggage you have to carry, the better.

Slip On Shoes

You should be expected to have to spend a lot of time on your feet while getting around Penang. That could be seeing the sights or sampling the street food. Make it easy on yourself by investing in some classy slip on shoes.

Remember, they are not just for getting around but you will be taking off your shoes a lot while in Penang. When you enter homes and temples, you will be taking off your shoes. As you work in a café or walk along the beach, you will be doing so having taken your shoes off. Going barefoot is simply a part of Malaysian culture that you should respect so leave the laced sneakers and walking boots at home.

Travel Pants

Expect it to feel muggy pretty much the entire time you are in Penang so come with your best travel pants. Forget the jeans and go for comfortable travel pants for those homestays, trips to the coast, or simply walking through the mall (even though it is likely to be air-conditioned). This may be one of the items you can pick up while in Penang as the local stores should have them in stock at a decent price.


Prepare to enjoy yourself in Penang and that can be from packing right for your trip. As well as the right light clothing like travel pants, slip-on shoes, and maybe a lightweight rain jacket, pack light anyway. By limiting how many clothes you take with you, you could save yourself some money and energy. After all, whatever you decide to pack you will have to carry and it will be hot and humid.


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