When Can You Use Slow Release Fertilisers?

March 4, 2023

If you are growing plants and crops, fertiliser is something you will have to think about sooner or later. The quality of soil depletes over time, and this can have an effect on the nutrients your plants are able to gather. Of course, when they are unable to get the nutrients they need, they can stop growing or become unhealthy. This can include showing signs of wilting and yellowing leaves, as well as weak and stunted growth.

So, you are shopping for a fertiliser to use. What type should you go for? Of course, you want to select a product that supplies the right nutrients for the plants you are growing. For example, you might like to use a balanced fertiliser, such as a 10-10-10. But, you also have to consider the application. In particular, many people like to choose slow release fertilisers since there are fewer applications necessary. Let’s take a closer look at when you can use them.

Ways You Can Use Slow Release Fertilisers

Ultimately, the way you use slow release fertilisers will depend on what you are growing. So, let’s break it down and take a look at the best way to use this type of product.

Indoor Plants

Do you love to show off indoor plants? Well, do not forget that they are going to need fertiliser for growth too. These plants are often forgotten about, but they still require the right nutrients in order to grow or flower. The growing months will be best to apply fertiliser to indoor plants. This means spring or summer. This can be every few months. Just make sure that you water your indoor plants and that they get enough sunlight.

Outdoor Plants

Of course, a slow release fertiliser can also be used on outdoor plants. This applies to plants in beds and borders, as well as in containers. You can use a product just before the growing season begins. This gives the plants a head start, and once the temperatures rise and the sun is out, they will be ready to grow. Often, slow release products will be every two or four months for application. But, check the individual product. Head to Dejex to see the vast range of fertilisers they have on offer for outdoor plants. 


You should also note that slow release fertilisers can be ideal for use on lawns. They can help you grow luscious and green grass that makes your garden or outdoor space look good. Namely, you are going to want to apply this type of fertiliser during the growing season. So, this can be from spring. Often, this can be around every two to three months. It might depend on what your watering schedule is. The grass is going to get the nutrients it needs to grow strong and healthy.

Factors to Consider in Application

Of course, it is going to depend on the product itself when the best time to apply the fertiliser is. So, make sure that you always read the instructions carefully before using it. Here are some other factors you should consider before applying.

The Growing Season

Yes, it is essential you select the right fertiliser for your plants. But, another factor that is very important is the time you apply the fertiliser. Ultimately, there is no point in doing this if the plant is dormant. They are not going to be growing or try to find nutrients. Instead, you need to wait for the growing season, which is often spring and summer. So, consider the growing season for the plants you have.

How Nutrients are Released

Most of the time, products are going to be available in liquid or granular form. But, there is something else that is important for the release of nutrients. Often, this is going to be water. For example, if you have granular fertiliser, these will be active when they are watered. This will release nutrients into the soil. So, make sure you always read the instructions and how the nutrients will be released to ensure this happens.

How Often to Apply

Of course, you are going to want to know in advance how often a product should be applied. This ensures you are going to get the best results for your plants. So, read the manual and see when the recommended application process is. Make sure you keep a note of when you first apply the fertiliser and apply again when it is necessary.


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