Where is Bachelor 2020 Filmed?

March 11, 2023

where is bachelor 2020 filmed

If you're a fan of the Bachelor franchise, you probably know that they always film at stunning locations. But the COVID-19 pandemic ruined many of their plans, forcing producers to find creative ways to make this season work.

One of those creative locations is the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Farmington, Pennsylvania. It's a gorgeous, sprawling resort that sits on 2,200 acres.

Los Angeles

When it comes to reality dating shows, Los Angeles is often where the action takes place. That includes ABC's flagship series, which usually starts with the Bachelor's opulent home and continues to follow him and his suitors across the country and overseas.

In Agoura Hills, there's an iconic house that has served as the backdrop for almost every season of the show. It's called Villa de la Vina, and it's located in the Santa Monica Mountains.

It's a 10,000-square-foot Tuscan-style mansion that's occupied by a family when production isn't underway. It's large enough to host 13 people, and there are plenty of perks to being a resident.

Besides the famous Bachelor Mansion, there are also plenty of other places to explore in Los Angeles. It's home to a number of historic sports venues, including the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. You can also take your date to Six Flags Magic Mountain, a popular thrill-seeking destination.


If you’re watching the latest season of ABC’s reality show, you’ll notice that the contestants spend a lot of time in hotels. And it’s no surprise that a majority of the filming was done at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Pennsylvania.

The hotel is known for its wildlife experiences, including tigers and lions. But if you’re looking for something more intimate, you can stay in one of their standalone suites.

Eureka is a small town in Northern California, about an hour’s drive from the coast. It’s also home to one of the most famous waterfalls in the state.

The Bachelor is coming to Eureka, and we can’t wait! The show’s next bachelor, Clayton Echard, is from Eureka. He’s a former football player and is looking for love again. But he’s not the only local who could find himself on the show.


Vienna is home to a number of famous landmarks, including Schonbrunn Palace and the Riesenrad Ferris wheel. The city is also known for its art and music, so it's no wonder why the show's producers chose to film here.

After Vienna, the final four women - Susie Evans, Sarah Hamrick, Rachel Recchia and Serene Russell - headed to Virginia Beach, where they spent time exploring the area and enjoying the beach. The city is a great getaway during the summer months, especially if you enjoy shopping and eating at the boardwalk.

The Bachelor 2022 is the first season since the health crisis to film hometown dates at the contestants' actual hometowns. It’s also the first to have Fantasy Suite dates and a Final Rose Ceremony filmed in their hometowns.


If you’ve been following the season 26 of The Bachelor, you know that it’s filmed in Iceland. The island is a popular spot for filming because of its stunning scenery and natural beauty.

The Bachelor 2020 filmed in and around Reykjavik, the country’s capital, which is known for its rugged landscapes, geysers and waterfalls. Other locations you may have seen in the show include Sky Lagoon, Harpa Concert Hall and Ingolfsskali Viking Restaurant.

In Reykjavik, there are a lot of places you can visit that will take you back in time and help you to see the beauty of Icelandic culture. One of these spots is the Harpa Concert Hall, a historic venue that hosts concerts, music festivals and many other events that demonstrate Icelandic culture.

Another great place to explore is the Sky Lagoon, a beautiful spa located in Iceland’s capital. It offers a range of different packages, including Pure Lite and Sky passes that are designed to rejuvenate your body and soul.

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