Where is Beyond the Edge Filmed?

March 11, 2023

where is beyond the edge filmed

Beyond the Edge is a new reality show that sends celebrities into the wild for two weeks. They compete in challenges for charity.

Unlike other shows in this genre, like Bear Grylls, this series has no eliminations or judges.

It's more like group therapy, with host Ranallo asking questions but letting the participants do the talking. That's a good thing, because some of the heartfelt moments appear organically.

Filming Locations

Beyond the Edge is a reality series that features celebrities competing in extreme challenges and braving the elements to earn money for their charities. It's similar to Survivor in that the stars don't pocket any prize money but are expected to donate all of their winnings to their chosen charities.

However, the show does not have any judges or eliminations. Instead, the celebrities rely on each other for support.

For instance, one of the contestants, NBA champion Metta World Peace, has a team that includes professional athlete Ray Lewis and model Paulina Porizkova. Others include country star Lauren Alaina and Craig Morgan, Full House actress Jodie Sweetin and reality TV veterans Colton Underwood and Eboni K.

The first season of Beyond the Edge was filmed in Panama, a region that is famous for its tropical rainforests and breathtaking beaches. The nine celebrities of the show stayed on the island for two weeks to shoot the first episode.

Locations in Georgia

Many movies and TV shows feature Atlanta and its surrounding suburbs as their primary locations. The city has a storied history as a filming location, and it’s easy to see why.

Even the popular zombie apocalypse show, The Walking Dead, is set in Atlanta. The pilot episode features Rick Grimes riding horseback into an abandoned city on the Jackson Street Bridge over Freedom Parkway.

Beyond the Edge, the new reality game show starring celebrities such as Alaina McCallister and Morgan Jones, is also set in the Atlanta area. The reality competition will have the celebrity contestants braving grueling challenges to earn the most money.

Netflix’s supernatural hit, Stranger Things, takes place in the fictional Indiana town of Hawkins and features a number of filming locations within Georgia. If you’re a fan of the series, there are plenty of places to visit in the city that help bring the world of the Upside Down to life.

Locations in Russia

Russia is a vast country with a wide variety of natural features and resources. It extends across eastern Europe and northern Asia, including the Arctic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean (see Figure 3.2).

The largest country in the world, Russia has a vast landscape that incorporates deserts, semiarid steppes, forests, mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, and ice-covered coastlines. Its climate is influenced by several factors, including its latitudinal position and its proximity to water bodies.

As a result, its climate is generally much colder than that of Western Europe and Northern America. Moreover, the country’s location away from the equator influences its climate further.

The production members of Beyond the Edge filmed most of the movie’s sequences around Moscow and other cities in Russia. A few sequences were shot in Georgia and Italy, as well.

Locations in Panama

Nestled between Costa Rica and Colombia in Central America, tropical Panama is only a few hours' flight from New York or Los Angeles. It offers environments ranging from deserts and beaches to centuries-old rainforests and dramatic landscapes carved by volcanic activity.

Beyond the Edge plunges nine celebrities into the jungles of Panama in an extreme reality show that will remind you of Survivor. Hosted by UFC, boxing and wrestling announcer Mauro Ranallo, it premieres March 16 on CBS and streams on Paramount+*.

Featuring country singers Lauren Alaina and Craig Morgan, Super Bowl MVP Ray Lewis, NBA champion Metta World Peace, model Paulina Porizkova, NFL legend Mike Singletary, Full House actress Jodie Sweetin and television personality Colton Underwood (The Bachelor), the series will feature contestants competing to raise money for their chosen charities.

The show will be filmed in the Bocas del Toro region of Panama, which is known for its tropical rainforest, indigenous cultures and picturesque beaches. It is also a prime location for wildlife documentary filmmakers, as it has nearly 50 ecological reservations and several UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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