Where is Big Brother Filmed?

March 11, 2023

where is big brother filmed

If you're a Big Brother fan, you might be wondering where the show is actually filmed. Well, the answer is actually pretty simple: It's a sound stage.

The show's main house is based on a sound stage called CBS Studio 18 in the city of Los Angeles, California. And if you're wondering where the Jury House is, it's also a sound stage!

The U.S. Big Brother house is a sound stage

The house that is home to BB contestants on the show is not actually an actual house, but a sound stage. It’s located on CBS Studio Center Sound Stage 18, which is in Los Angeles, California.

The CBS Studio Center is a huge studio lot in Los Angeles that is used for many TV shows. It includes 18 sound stages and 220,000 square feet of supporting office space.

This season, the Big Brother house was given a Coachella Valley-themed design. Host Julie Chen Moonves said it’s a “motel meets beach club” set.

It’s not a surprise that people have tried to manipulate the house. They’ve yelled messages over the wall and even flown banners to get their point across.

The current Big Brother house is a two-story house that was first introduced in Season 6. It’s larger than the original house and has a Head of Household suite on the second floor.

The current Big Brother house is a two-story house

Big Brother is a reality television show that features a group of houseguests who compete to win the title of "Big Brother."

The U.S. version of Big Brother is filmed at the CBS Studio Center in Los Angeles, California, and features an indoor sound stage and a backyard. The first five seasons of the show featured a one-story house that was located on an empty back-lot near the stage.

After BB6, the house moved to CBS’s Stage 18 and was reconfigured into what it is today. The new house has two stories and includes a backyard that is attached to the sound stage.

This season, host Julie Chen opted for a great outdoors theme that is reminiscent of a camper. It's a pretty fun look for the house, but we're not quite sold on all of its features.

The Jury house is a real house

For over 20 years, fans have waited to see how a group of houseguests competed for the Big Brother crown. It’s been a great show, and people have watched it all unfold week after week.

But while the BB house is a fake, it’s not the only place where the show’s action takes place. After evictions, the last nine houseguests stay in sequester at a house called the Jury House, where they get to enjoy some quality time and relax away from the game.

While most viewers think the Jury house is right next door to the BB house, some believe it’s actually a separate location. That’s because, according to NPR’s Linda Holmes, the show is filmed in a sound stage that’s actually located on a CBS Studio lot.

Earlier this week, Spoiler Girl revealed that one houseguest was in hot water with production. That’s because Indy claimed Michael made derogatory comments about Brazilians.

The BB house is rigged to the gills

For the past 20 seasons, Big Brother has allowed viewers to see a social experiment in action. It's essentially a combination of Survivor and The Real World, where houseguests compete for the title of Head of Household (HoH) and then vote one each week to decide who gets evicted.

In order to keep things interesting, Big Brother also adds a twist or two to the game each season. This typically involves changing the format of a certain week, or even a single episode.

On the flip side, there are some twists that don't impact the game at all. Some are retold in the DVDs that evicted houseguests watch when they leave the house, giving them an inside look at what was going on behind their backs.

In addition to these twists, Big Brother also has the "Power of Veto," a competition that gives the houseguests nominated for eviction the chance to get off the block. This competition can be played during a live eviction or a replay, depending on the circumstances.

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