Where is Blown Away Filmed?

March 10, 2023

where is blown away filmed

Blown Away is a popular glass-blowing competition show that debuted on the Canadian television channel Makeful before Netflix picked it up. The first season of the series has 10 episodes which are now available on the streaming platform.

In order to film the show, the production company Marblemedia turned an abandoned warehouse into North America’s largest hot shop. This huge place allows the contestants to have plenty of space to work.

Location: Hamilton, Ontario

Netflix’s hit glass-blowing competition series Blown Away returned last week for its second season with the show filmed at a hot shop location at the Cotton Factory in Hamilton. The show pits ten skillful glassblowers against each other in a series of challenges to create showstopping pieces of art and win a $60,000 cash prize.

The show is hosted by YouTuber Nick Uhas and features a panel of expert judges. Contestants go head-to-head in a massive studio space dubbed “North America’s Largest Hot Shop,” complete with furnaces and everything a glass artist could hope for.

Filming the show in Hamilton was made possible thanks to a team from Toronto’s Sheridan College who worked with Marblemedia to custom build the studio and install 10 furnaces for the contestants to use. The college also lent over $10,000 worth of equipment to stock the warehouse.

Location: Toronto

During the filming of the glass art competition Blown Away, contestants had to go through a lot of challenges. They had to create showstopping glass art pieces that could impress the judges.

But the biggest challenge for the production team was to find a place where they could shoot the show without disturbing the surrounding area. Fortunately, they found an abandoned warehouse which they converted into a hot shop.

This empty warehouse is located inside the city of Hamilton in Ontario, Canada. It is about an hour away from Toronto in the southwest direction.

The premise of the show is that ten glassblowers compete in a large studio space that is lovingly dubbed "North America's largest Hot Shop." It has all the elements a glass artist would want, including furnaces and everything else needed to create a stunning piece.

Location: New York City

Blown Away is a popular reality show on Netflix that puts contestants to the test to win an artist’s residency at Corning Museum of Glass in New York. It’s hosted by Nick Uhas and features renowned glass designer Katherine Gray as one of the judges.

The show premiered on the Canadian channel Makeful and was picked up by Netflix in July 2019. The first season of the reality series released with 10 episodes, and season 2 is now streaming on the platform.

In the show, 10 artists compete for the title of “Best Glassblower in North America.” Each contestant has to use a different style and design in order to impress the judges. The winner receives $60,000 and a residency at the Corning Museum of Glass in New York.

Filming locations for the show include a large warehouse in Hamilton, Ontario that’s been custom built to be the largest hot shop in North America. The production company, Marblemedia, made sure the space had enough room for the furnaces and glassblowing equipment that would be needed by the contestants.

Location: Los Angeles

One of Netflix's most popular reality shows, Blown Away is a great combination of competition, art and education. It's a must-watch binge-worthy series for anyone interested in glassblowing.

The show is filmed in Los Angeles, a city known for its beauty and glamour. Filming locations include many famous places, like The Griffith Observatory[2], The Bradbury Building and The Hollywood Sign.

The opening scene was filmed in the downtown area of Los Angeles, with the camera following a helicopter flying across the sky. There are also shots of the Santa Monica Mountains, filmed from the Latham Building in downtown Los Angeles.

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