Where is Death in Paradise Filmed?

March 10, 2023

where is death in paradise filmed

Since the show first launched on BBC One, viewers have fallen in love with its idyllic Caribbean locations. But where is Death in Paradise filmed?

Filming takes place across the islands of Guadeloupe, an overseas region of France. It’s a butterfly-shaped collection of six inhabited islands, close to Antigua and Barbuda.


Since it first hit TV screens in 2011, Death in Paradise has become a much-loved series that provides a much-needed escape from the UK’s winter weather. Set on the fictional island of Saint Marie, the show has a whodunnit format that keeps viewers coming back for more.

Throughout the series, the cast have been filmed around the beautiful village of Deshaies on Guadeloupe, a French-speaking Caribbean island. And while there are plenty of locations you can visit if you want to go on a location scout, the main filming base is Langley Fort Royal Hotel.

It’s a beautiful beach-side resort that the team usually crash at after a hard day on the sets. It also boasts a stunning pool and a bar where you might spot some of the cast drinking - it’s even where DI Humphrey Goodman (played by Kris Marshall) used to live!

The church next to the police station acts as the police station, while the priest’s office is the “incident room”. Despite a lot of passing shots, it wasn’t until series 10 that we finally got to see Deshaies church on screen.

Le Madras

The island of Guadalupe is a breath-taking Caribbean paradise that has been filmed almost entirely for the hit BBC crime drama, Death in Paradise. The cast and crew – as well as some of the stars of the show - almost always stay at Langley Resort Fort Royal, which sits on the stunning beach that was used for Humphrey Goodman’s beach house.

There’s also a beach shack that’s been used for many of the detectives’ sand-filled retreats, including Neville Parker’s. It’s a temporary structure on Anse de la Perle beach which is three miles north of Deshaies and is taken down and put in storage between shoots.

Catherine’s Bar is a popular watering hole that is often seen in the series. She has two different bars – one called La Kaz and the other, Le Madras – both of which are still open to guests.

Catherine’s Bar

The dazzling botanical gardens, honey-coloured sand and flowing cocktails you see on Death in paradise have us all wondering where this idyllic Caribbean island is actually filmed. The series is shot across the islands of Guadeloupe, an overseas territory of France located in the eastern Caribbean Sea.

The pretty little town of Deshaies is featured in most shots of the show, and is where the cast and crew stay when filming for six months every year. It’s the capital of Saint Marie, and the place where DI Neville Parker (Ralf Little) is based.

Catherine’s Bar is a beachfront bar in Honore that has been featured in many of the series. It’s a popular spot for people to drink, and Elizabeth Bourgine, who plays Catherine on the show, has shared plenty of photos of it on her Instagram.

But if you’re in the mood for something more substantial, it’s worth checking out Le Madras – a local beachfront restaurant where you can also grab a bite to eat. The menu at Le Madras is filled with mouthwatering seafood dishes like Sea Urchin served with Osetra caviar, champagne, dong-chi-mi and creme, as well as Langoustine with tuna, castella and white kimchi.

The Inspector’s Shack

The BBC crime comedy drama, Death in Paradise, is filmed on the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. It’s based in Deshaies, which is a traditional fishing village and one of the most popular locations to visit on the island.

The series stars Kris Marshall as Humphrey Goodman and Josephine Jobert as Florence Cassell. Season eight saw Florence leave the island after her fiance, Patrice, was shot.

DI Neville Parker was brought in to replace Jack Mooney as the Honore Police inspector. He initially hated everything about the island. He longed to get back to London, but the mosquitoes and severe allergies made it difficult for him to stay there.

However, he eventually changed his mind and decided to remain on the island permanently. He moved into The Inspector’s Shack, but the high number of mosquitoes prevented him from living there full time. He also started having recurring asthma attacks. So, he opted to check into a hotel.

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