Where is Family Feud Filmed?

March 10, 2023

where is family feud filmed

Family feud is a game show that has been around for a long time. It's a high-energy game that features quirky contestants and unlimited drama.

The show is currently filmed in Atlanta. It's hosted by comedian Steve Harvey, who has a huge fan base and carries a lot of weight on the set.


The game show Family Feud is filmed in several locations around the country. However, Trilith Studios in Atlanta is the location of choice for most of the show’s televised episodes. This is due to the fact that this city is home to many different types of people, making it an ideal backdrop for the high-energy family competition show.

In addition to this, Family Feud is also a popular show that has aired on television for years. This competitive show features a variety of unique contestants that make it an exciting experience for the viewers. If you want to be part of this show, the best way to do so is by attending an open casting call. These auditions are a great way to showcase your abilities and get noticed by the producers of Family Feud. This is because the production team wants to see you interact with your fellow contestants and demonstrate your ability to make a memorable impression on camera.


Family Feud is a game show that features two families competing against each other by answering survey questions and winning points. The first family to reach a certain number of points/dollars wins the game and the money prizes. The show has been filmed for many years and is still popular with all age groups and races.

In recent months, it has been all quiet on the production front following Hollywood-wide shutdowns, but now filming is picking up for some shows like Family Feud. According to TheWrap, the show is now returning to its Atlanta studio to begin production on a new season, but with some key changes. The changes include COVID-19 protocols that are designed to protect Steve Harvey and the contestants. In addition, the show will be filmed without an audience, and it will adopt more spacing between host Steve Harvey and the contestants. These safety measures are part of a plan to make Family Feud more socially responsible and adhere to a range of guidelines and protocols set by state and industry unions.


Family Feud is a popular game show that is filmed in different locations. It has become a favorite among young and old people.

The show is a classic American game that involves two families competing against each other by answering survey questions to score points. The family with the most points at the end of the game wins.

According to Deadline, the game show has been filming in both Los Angeles and Atlanta. However, strict protocols have been put in place to keep the show safe for viewers and contestants.

During the production, the cast and crew must wear COVID testing gear to prevent potential contamination. Harvey also must adhere to social distancing measures between himself and the contestants.

According to the latest Nielsen National Syndication Rankings, the game show is currently the number one show across all demographics for the second quarter of 2020. It also ranks ahead of Jeopardy! and Judge Judy in households with adults ages 25-54.


Family Feud has a long and storied history as one of the most popular game shows in the genre. It is the ol' standby of the competitive genre and has a reputation for being a well-oiled machine when it comes to producing quality content. In the sandbox, it takes advantage of its wide ranging cast of characters to create episodes that are both entertaining and informative.

The show is also known for its creative use of gimmicks. For example, in the show's most recent iteration, there was a massive LED ring onstage that had the names of contestants printed on its surface. The LED ring was a big hit with the show's judges and audience alike, and it made its way onto countless television screens around the country.

The show is filmed in numerous locales across the country, but the home of the series is a trilithic studio in Atlanta. Some of the more swashbuckling moments from this illustrious location have made the rounds on social media, and fans are chomping at the bit to see where the family feud magic is going to take place next.

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