Where is Farmhouse Facelift Filmed?

March 11, 2023

where is farmhouse facelift filmed

Farmhouse facelift is a Canadian renovation TV show that airs on HGTV Canada. Hosts Billy Pearson and Carolyn Wilbrink travel across the country to transform historic farmhouse properties into beautiful living spaces.

Siblings Billy Pearson, a craftsman contractor, and Carolyn Wilbrink, an interior designer, tackle the toughest farmhouse renovations to bring stunning designs with customized modern conveniences to each project. Breathing new life into these spectacular vintage spaces, they give each farmhouse a fresh start for the next generation of homeowners.

Filming Locations

Farmhouses are a symbol of the rural heritage of a region or country. They represent a time when farming was the main occupation, and they are often used as a retreat from city life.

They also serve as a reminder of the generations of a single family that worked the land, providing for their community. They are beautiful structures that can be reimagined into liveable spaces.

In HGTV Canada's Farmhouse Facelift, siblings Carolyn Wilbrink and Billy Pearson find historic farmhouses across Ontario, breathing new life into these vintage spaces. With their design expertise and custom artisanship, they tackle these toughest renovations, bringing beautiful designs and customized modern conveniences to these classic homesteads.

Farmhouse Facelift is filmed all over Southwestern Ontario, Canada, which is one of the most active housing markets in the country. Its thriving economy and wide swathes of natural beauty make it an appealing place to film these projects.

Season 1

HGTV Canada's Farmhouse Facelift, starring siblings Carolyn Wilbrink and Billy Pearson, takes viewers to the farms across Ontario where they learn about the unique challenges of renovating old farmhouses. They breathe new life into century-old homesteads while still preserving their historic charm.

In each episode, they take on a different farmhouse renovation project - from helping a busy family on a working farm save their mid-renovation slump to making a colonial-style home work for a growing family of four. Their skill and experience enables them to strike the balance of historic charm with modern conveniences, transforming farmhouses into functional living spaces that families can enjoy for generations to come.

While the show is not as popular as other home-renovation shows such as Unsellable Houses or Flip or Flop, Farmhouse Facelift still offers hours of entertainment. It is also a good source of inspiration for those with a passion for interior design. It airs Wednesdays on HGTV Canada.

Season 2

Farmhouses represent so much to many regions, countries and even families: a heritage home with historic charm, a place to raise a family or simply a retreat from the bustle of city life.

HGTV Canada's second season of farmhouse facelift showcases renovation teams Billy Pearson and Carolyn Wilbrink as they work their magic on challenging heritage properties across the country. Their unique insight and skills enable them to strike a balance between historic charm and modern conveniences.

Siblings Billy and Carolyn, who grew up on a farm, possess years of experience in construction and interior design that gives them an advantage when it comes to transforming these homes.

The duo tackles the toughest farmhouse renovations, bringing stunning designs and customized modern conveniences to each project. Their goal is to save and restore any pieces they can while adding a touch of contemporary flair.

Season 3

HGTV Canada has tapped the brother and sister team of designer Carolyn Wilbrink and artisan contractor Billy Pearson to renovate old farmhouses throughout rural Ontario. The pair has a wealth of experience in transforming these heritage homes into modern spaces, while striking the right balance between historic charm and convenience.

In the third season of HGTV Canada's Farmhouse Facelift, the siblings will continue to explore a diverse range of old farmhouses across the province. Their aim is to find a home that represents the country's rural heritage or is an important family heirloom and breathe new life into the vintage space.

The show follows the renovation journeys of a variety of homeowners, with the siblings always finding a way to strike the right balance between modern convenience and the innate charm of the farmhouse. The siblings' agrarian upbringing and years of design and construction experience help them bring a sense of style and craftsmanship to their projects.

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