Where is Hell's Kitchen Filmed?

March 11, 2023

where is hells kitchen filmed

Several years ago, Fox began filming Hell's Kitchen in Las Vegas. Since then, the reality show has filmed in numerous locations across the city.

One of the more famous restaurants opened by Gordon Ramsay is his Hell's Kitchen in Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip. The restaurant features red and blue design details in the show kitchen, as well as a contemporary bar.


Originally a notorious neighborhood known for its rough-and-tumble reputation and far-west location, Hell's Kitchen has come a long way from the image it evoked. Today, this up-and-coming area has a definite buzz about it, thanks to the neighborhood's lively street life.

A mix of local businesses across a wide range of categories, from neighborhood-owned bakeries and bodegas to bars and restaurants, make the streets of this up-and-coming neighborhood feel like a true community.

In addition to its up-and-coming reputation, this neighborhood is also home to a few high-rise luxury buildings that have become popular among professionals. It is this combination of a decidedly unpretentious neighborhood and a bustling business environment that makes it such an attractive location for film productions.


Hell's Kitchen is a long running cooking competition show that's been captivating viewers since 2005. Each season, two teams of chefs are progressively eliminated one by one as they compete in a series of challenges.

The premise is simple: The winner gets to work at a restaurant owned by chef Gordon Ramsay. The contestants also have to face an ingredient challenge and a team-building game.

This year's season 19 of the popular show is filmed in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace and its Caesars Entertainment Studios. It's the first time the show has been filmed outside of Los Angeles in its history, and the location is a pretty lucky one.

If you're a fan of the show, you can even dine at an official 'Hell's Kitchen' restaurant, which is owned by chef Gordon Ramsay and mimics the actual set from the show. The menu features some of Ramsay's signature dishes like the flaky beef wellington and sticky toffee pudding.


Hell's Kitchen is a reality competition cooking show starring Gordon Ramsay. Each season, aspiring chefs are put through rigorous cooking challenges and dinner services at Ramsay's restaurant to determine which one will win the head chef position.

Until now, the series was filmed in a warehouse, but it recently switched to a location in Caesars Palace Casino in Las Vegas. Fans can visit the restaurant for lunch and dinner, where they'll find many of the classic Gordon Ramsay dishes like the beef wellington with red wine demi glace and sticky toffee pudding.

The restaurant is open for lunch from 11 AM to 9 PM and for dinner from 11 PM to midnight nightly. It's a popular destination for tourists and locals who want to experience the famed chef's culinary masterpieces.


In New York, a neighborhood called Hell’s Kitchen is known for its gritty reputation. This district of Midtown Manhattan was once a poor and working-class area, but has since changed significantly. With the completion of Hudson Yards, the neighborhood is now full of luxury stores, restaurants, and even pre-Broadway shows!

In addition, it’s a popular tourist spot. In fact, many visitors to New York City stay at hotels in Hell’s Kitchen as they visit the Broadway theater, shopping centers and other attractions.

Despite its grim name, the neighborhood is actually quite lively. Its cheap apartments, proximity to the subway and its closeness to the Hudson River make it a good choice for a visitor to New York City.

Those who love watching Hell’s Kitchen are sure to be excited to see the show live in New York, but getting a ticket is not always easy. The production team makes it a priority to secure the best seats in the dining room and kitchens, so it’s unlikely that an ordinary person will be able to secure one of them without some serious luck.

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