Where is Holey Moley Filmed?

March 10, 2023

where is holey moley filmed

Holey Moley is a reality television show that takes miniature golf to a whole new level. The show pits mini-golf lovers against each other in head-to-head competitions.

The show airs on ABC. It features Stephen Curry, Paul Franklin, Wesley Dening, and Jeron Smith as executive producers.

The series is filmed in Santa Clarita, California at Sable Ranch, 400 acres of private land with canyons, meadows, and more. It's also where shows like FOX's Utopia and ABC's Wipeout were filmed.

Sable Ranch

The popular tv show "Holey Moley" is full of zany action and fun. It features self-proclaimed mini golf lovers from around the country competing in an extreme obstacle golf course. The show is hosted by Rob Riggle and Joe Tessitore, who are joined by various guest stars such as Stephen Curry, Jeannie Mai and The Muppets.

Holey Moley has filmed on Sable Ranch, which is a famous filming location for multiple Hollywood productions. It's a perfect place for the show because it has acreage and ample space to create sets.

However, the site has also been the scene of a number of recent wildfires. One fire in particular destroyed the ranch, despite the efforts of firefighters.

As a result, Holey Moley had to find another spot to film. The producers chose Sable Ranch again for season two of the wildly popular show because it offered the production “acres and acres of space,” Dening said.

Moreover, Sable Ranch has been the go-to location for several other TV shows and movies. For example, 'Utopia' and 'Wipeout' were both filmed there.

The show's miniature golf course was designed by Greg Norman, a professional golfer and a former member of the Golden State Warriors team. He was also part of the executive producing team for the show.

Rancho Maria

The ABC television show Holey Moley has captivated a large audience with its fun mini golf competition. With on-camera commentators Joe Tessitore and Rob Riggle, and host Jeannie Mai on the sidelines, viewers can follow rival mini golf enthusiasts as they compete to win a $250,000 prize.

The show has been renewed for a fourth season, and fans are eager to see how this crazy golf competition will evolve. The series has a lot of laughs to offer, with contestants being challenged by giant obstacles such as windmills and lagoons.

However, while the show is entertaining, fans might be curious about where it is filmed. Thankfully, we've got the answer!

In Santa Clarita, California, the series is filmed at Rancho Maria. The location is a public golf course that opened in 1965, and it is considered one of the best courses in the area.

It is a great place for filming because it has ample space to construct an impressive set. It is also conveniently located near the Angeles National Forest, which makes it an ideal spot for movie makers.

Sable Valley

If you’re a fan of extreme mini golf, you’ve likely seen the popular show Holey Moley on ABC. The show puts people who love mini golf head-to-head with one another in a series of mini golf competitions and obstacle courses.

In the past, it has been filmed in Australia, but recently, it was revealed that the show is now being filmed in Santa Clarita, California. This is a good thing for fans of the show who may be wondering where they can find the location.

According to Distractify, the ABC show is filmed at Sable Ranch in Santa Clarita. This ranch has a land area of 400 acres and is home to several buildings that can be used for filming.

It offers a vintage two-story ranch house, a big red barn, a hacienda, and several in-ground tanks that are perfect for water scenes. They also offer plenty of other amenities that make it an alluring destination for filmmakers.

The 400-acre ranch has also been used to film shows like Fox’s Utopia and Food Network’s Camp Cutthroat. It was destroyed in the Sand Fire wildfire in 2016, but it’s partially back in business.

Holey Moley is the latest extreme mini golf competition to hit ABC, and it’s already being renewed for a third and fourth season. It’s a great way to see some of the best mini golf players in the country compete. With commentary from Rob Riggle, Joe Tessitore, and Jeannie Mai, there’s plenty to keep viewers entertained no matter whether or not they’re putting!

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