Where is Jerry Springer Filmed?

March 11, 2023

where is jerry springer filmed

Jerry Springer is one of the most recognizable talk show hosts in the world. He has received several awards for commentary and news coverage on his show, including eight regional Emmys.

His show is filmed in Chicago at WMAQ-TV's NBC Tower, where it has been taped since 1992. In 2009, production moved to Stamford, Connecticut.

Set design

The set for Jerry Springer is fairly basic and is designed to resemble a talk show. It is usually filmed in a studio in Chicago or Connecticut.

In a nutshell, Jerry Springer is a controversial and tabloid-esque television talk show, famous for its sleazy stories and on-air disputes. Parlaying this milieu into an operatic-styled entertainment sounds like a curious proposition, but composer Richard Thomas and librettist Stewart Lee do it.

With music and lyrics by Thomas and book by Lee, Jerry Springer - The Opera is an audacious and fearless piece of theatre that brilliantly and hilariously dissects the cultural forces that have kept Jerry on the air all these years, the lives of quiet desperation that explode into public view in Springer's weirdly nonjudgmental, national confessional.

The cast of Jerry Springer - The Opera consists of Terrence Mann, Will Swenson, Jill Paice, Tiffany Mann and Justin Keyes. They sing with lyrical finesse and operatic grandeur in their Walmart-esque wardrobes (designed by Sarah Laux) without ever condescending to or trivializing the people they play.


The Jerry Springer Show has been filming in Stamford, Connecticut since March 2009. It's not surprising; the city is home to the Rich Forum Theater (part of the Stamford Center for the Arts), and the enticing tax credit made it a logical choice.

The show was filmed there for 27 seasons until the production was shut down in 2018. It's unclear whether new episodes will be produced, but Springer has said that the show will still air reruns.

Before his show, Springer was a successful politician in Cincinnati. He served as a city councilman for a year, then mayor of the city for one term, and made a run for governor.

In addition to his television show, Springer has also branched out into radio and podcasts. He's hosted nationally syndicated shows, sometimes from Cincinnati and he does a weekly podcast with old friend Jene Galvin at the Folk School Coffee Parlor in Ludlow, Ky. In fall of 2017, Springer was doing focus groups and fundraising as he considered entering the Democratic primary for Ohio governor in 2018.


Springer’s show is filmed at the Stamford Media Center in Stamford, Connecticut. The production facility is located in a large, open-air area.

The set consists of two circular platforms with white walls and a blue stage in the center. This design is meant to mimic the look of Phil Donahue, and Springer’s hair and glasses resemble Donahue.

Guests on the Jerry Springer show often come on stage with no idea about their background or what they’re about to do. This can lead to a lot of drama on the show.

In some cases, guests are encouraged to physically fight each other. This requires the presence of security guards on stage to prevent serious damage.

In 2000, one of the show’s guests was murdered during an episode. The victim’s husband was convicted of the crime and was sentenced to life in prison. This incident was cited as an example of the dangers of the show’s violence and glamorization of deviant behavior.


The Jerry Springer Show is a long-running daytime talk show that has entertained audiences for almost a quarter of a century. The program is infamous for its controversial topics, profanity, physical fights and scantily clad guests.

The show's producers claim that they screen people before allowing them to appear on the show. However, many former guests have accused them of letting them on the show purely for financial gain.

Some episodes feature guests who have been killed or arrested for violent crimes. For example, in 2000, an episode aired about a man who murdered his wife after she appeared on the show.

In 2003, a British opera inspired by the show, Jerry Springer: The Opera, began playing in London.

In 1998, the show's ratings reached a peak. At that time, several political and community leaders condemned the show as trash TV and asked broadcasters to drop it. Ultimately, the show was forced to tone down its violence.

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