Where is Outer Range Filmed?

March 10, 2023

where is outer range filmed

The neo-western series Outer Range is the latest to join the list of shows that are combining classic western themes with a supernatural twist. With its cerebral plotline and excellent performances, this show has quickly become a hit.

Starring Josh Brolin and Imogen Poots, the series follows a rancher named Royal Abbott who discovers a mysterious black hole on his property. When a strange drifter named Autumn arrives, it sets off a series of events that spins Royal’s life into complete chaos.

Las Vegas

Outer Range, the new Amazon Prime Video series starring Josh Brolin and Imogene Poots, has been drawing viewers in with its combination of classic western elements and sci-fi nuances. The series centers on Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin) and his family as they encounter mysterious happenings in Wyoming.

The show originally was planned to be filmed in Canada, but the COVID-19 pandemic and film industry restrictions forced it to relocate to New Mexico. It is expected to be a major economic boon for the state.

Several scenes were filmed in Las Vegas, a beautiful town established in 1835 that is known for its cowboy history. It has preserved many 19th-century buildings, including the Bison Valley Bank of Wyoming branch.

Its popularity as a filming location is also increasing in light of the wildfire disaster that hit the area last year. The local film council is asking the Legislature to loop in the rural tax credit for filmmakers that already exists as well as additional breaks for companies shooting in wildfire disaster areas.

New Mexico

Amazon Prime Video recently debuted the neo-Western thriller Outer Range, with Josh Brolin as rancher Royal Abbott, who discovers a mysterious black void while fighting for his land and family. This supernatural mystery is more than just a western, with an interesting cast of characters and a compelling story that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

The series is set in Amelia County, Wyoming and focuses on the life of a rancher who becomes embroiled in a mystery that could change everything. It's a neo-Western mystery that is unlike anything we've seen before on Prime Video, and with each episode it gets more and more intriguing.

It's also a refreshingly diverse show, with LGBTQ character Tamara Podemski as Deputy Sheriff Joy and queer indigenous actor MorningStar Angeline as her wife Martha. This makes Outer Range a must-watch, especially for fans of the genre.

Los Angeles

The filming locations for a movie or TV series are often hugely important as real-life places will almost always look better on screen than green screens and digitally created backdrops. This is particularly true when it comes to Western dramas like Amazon Prime Video's newest effort, Outer Range.

The mystery thriller stars Josh Brolin and Imogen Poots as rancher Royal Abbott and his family who encounter mysterious forces in the Wyoming wilderness. The show's cerebral plotline has captivated audiences thanks to its beautiful filming locations and excellent performances by the actors.

In addition to shooting in New Mexico, Outer Range also filmed a few scenes in Los Angeles. However, these additional scenes were mainly interior shots.


The Amazon original series Outer Range is a modern Western thriller with some major sci-fi elements. It stars Josh Brolin as Royal Abbott, a Wyoming rancher who finds an inexplicable black hole on his property.

When he extends his hand into the hole, Royal receives visions. Then, a mysterious young woman named Autumn (Imogen Poots) shows up and asks to stay at his ranch.

In Amelia County, Wyoming, Royal Abbott's life is disrupted when he discovers an inexplicable black hole on his land. After the arrival of a strange young woman named Autumn, Royal sets out to uncover the mystery.

The show is filmed primarily in New Mexico, but the cast and crew also used various locations around the state of Wyoming. We got a behind-the-scenes look at the filming process and where they went to make it happen!

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