Where is Pieces of Her Filmed?

March 11, 2023

where is pieces of her filmed

Netflix has snagged a major win for New South Wales in the form of its upcoming eight-episode drama Pieces of Her. Based on Karin Slaughter’s bestselling novel, it stars Toni Collette as Laura Oliver.

After a birthday party, Laura and her daughter Andy witness a shooting in the sleepy fictional town of Belle Isle, Georgia. She springs into action and kills the shooter. But then things get weird for Laura — she starts acting a little crazy.

Macmasters Beach

A popular surfing spot on Sydney’s Central Coast, Macmasters Beach is bordered by Cockrone Lagoon on one side and the great green swathe of Bouddi National Park on the other. It’s a great spot for a day out with the kids or on a romantic getaway with a loved one.

There are lots of great places to dine in the area. Head to Margarita Daze, a casual beachfront cafe at Umina Beach, about 20km from Macmasters Beach (it’s where Collette’s character Andy thwarts the gunman in episode six).

Another piece of the show that is filmed on the Central Coast is a two-storey weatherboard house at Macmasters Beach, which stars as Collette’s character Laura’s home. However, because the property is private, Netflix significantly altered its facade for filming purposes.

Umina Beach

The Central Coast is no stranger to big-screen productions, and Pieces of Her is no exception. The Netflix series filmed in Australia features a range of iconic locations including Harry and Penelope Seidler House, in Killara.

Similarly, a two-storey weatherboard Macmasters Beach home on Cockrone Lagoon is where Toni Collette's character Laura lives. The cottage is based on an actual property in the area.

It's a popular holiday destination, and you can expect to find plenty of accommodation options around Umina Beach. There are also several great beaches to explore, including Pearl Beach and Ettalong Beach, both a short drive from the township.

The central shopping precinct in Umina Beach is well-equipped with supermarkets, boutiques and restaurants. You'll find a wide variety of local and international brands to shop from here, so you'll be sure to find something that suits your taste.


The New York Times bestselling author Karin Slaughter's Pieces of Her is an eight-episode psychological thriller which stars Australian actress Toni Collette. The Netflix show was originally set in Georgia but was filmed in Sydney and the surrounding New South Wales region.

Blacktown is one of the most diverse suburbs in Sydney with people coming from all over the world. The city is also home to the largest Indigenous population in the metropolitan area.

It is also important to note that Blacktown is where the first Aboriginal land grant was made by Governor Macquarie in 1816. The site of this land grant is now a part of Blacktown's bushland.

This bush is also significant to the Darug people who have lived in the region for thousands of years. They have retained many elements of their language and culture which they are proud of.


The modern monolith where the US Marshals take Laura mid-series is a concrete and glass architectural gem located on Sydney’s North Shore in Killara. Similarly, the Netflix-tastic two-storey waterside pad that served as Laura and Andy’s beach house in the show is also a thing of beauty.

The best part is that it genuinely lives up to its billing as a place where you can really relax and enjoy your day out. It’s a great feeling to be able to say that you spent quality time with the people you love most, soaking up the sunshine and taking in some fresh air after a long day at work or play. And the fact that you can do so while surrounded by some of the country’s most picturesque scenery is even better. So while the frog coloured glasses and the pinky ring might have been the stars of the show, it’s fair to say that the aforementioned triumvirate has to be a close runner up.

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