Where is Schitt's Creek Filmed?

March 11, 2023

where is schitts creek filmed

The Emmy-award winning Schitt’s Creek is an internationally loved Canadian comedy series that took the world by storm. Since closing its sixth and final season, fans have been rushing to explore some of the show’s iconic filming locations in Ontario.

This family sitcom follows the Roses, an ostentatiously rich family who find themselves broke. To make ends meet, the family relocates to a small town that they purchased as a joke.

Rosebud Motel

If you’re a huge fan of the Canadian comedy Schitt’s Creek, you might be wondering where the show is filmed. In the series, a wealthy family loses their fortune and are forced to live in a rundown motel called Rosebud Motel in the fictional town of Schitt’s Creek.

In real life, the Rosebud Motel is located in Orangeville, Ontario. It consists of 10 apartment-style rooms, a 2-story manager’s suite and a guest cottage.

Current owner Jesse Tipping has listed the property for sale at $1.6 million. He hopes to find the next owner who will turn the building into an actual Schitt’s Creek Rosebud Motel where fans can stay.

Bob’s Garage

Schitt’s Creek is an award-winning Canadian sitcom that has become a hit internationally thanks to streaming on Netflix. The series revolves around a wealthy family who suddenly lose their fortunes and end up in a fictional rural town called Schitt’s Creek. The cast includes Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara and Dan Levy as Johnny Rose, Moira Rose and David Rose, respectively, and Annie Murphy as Alexis Rose.

One of the most memorable locations on the show is Bob’s Garage. Though the building is not actually a garage, it was dressed up to look like a gas station for filming.

It’s also been used as the town hall. Many scenes have been filmed outside of this location, which is just down the street from Cafe Tropical.

If you’re ever in Goodwood, be sure to visit this place! Whether you want to take a selfie or ask about the behind-the-scenes gossip, this place is perfect for Schitt’s Creek fans.

Goodwood Lions Club

The town of Goodwood, Ontario has a lot to offer. It’s a tiny, adorable town with many filming locations that were used in the series.

The Lions Club, where Moira Rose (Catherine O’Hara) served as a council member, is a real club that’s located on Front Street in Goodwood, Ontario. It’s just a short walk away from Cafe Tropical and Bob’s Garage on Durham Regional Highway 47.

In addition, the Schitt’s Creek house of mayor Roland Schitt (Ronald Schitt) and his wife Jocelyn is actually a real home in Goodwood that has been featured numerous times on the show. It’s just a few doors down from Romni Wools, which was used to film scenes for the Rose Apothecary.

If you’re a fan of the series, it’s worth going on a road trip through Goodwood and taking a tour of some of the locations that have been filmed on set. This is a great way to get out and explore a beautiful area of Canada while supporting local small businesses.

Mayor’s House

Schitt’s Creek is a beloved sitcom that has become an international sensation. The show has won numerous Emmy Awards and has helped to boost tourism in southern Ontario.

When David Rose and Patrick Rose lose their fortune, they move to the small town of Schitt’s Creek in a bid to rebuild their lives. While it can be a lonely place, the residents are friendly and welcoming to the Rose family.

The mayor of Schitt’s Creek, Roland Schitt (played by Chris Elliott), is a lovable character that often clashes with the Roses. His and his wife Jocelyn’s attitudes toward their residents challenge the Roses’ affluent outlook.

As for the mayor’s house, it stands out among the more modest buildings in the neighborhood. Its limestone exterior is a sure attention-grabber and can be seen from the highway.

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