Where is Sex Education Filmed?

March 10, 2023

where is sex education filmed

If you're a fan of Sex Education, you'll want to plan a visit to the beautiful locations where the show is filmed. That's because the series is based in Wales, and the picturesque countryside makes for a gorgeous setting.

Several scenes take place at Moordale Secondary School, a college campus that was once part of the University of South Wales in Caerleon. It's now a disused campus, but it was used by film crews for the first two seasons of the show.

Caerleon College

When fans of the Netflix series Sex Education tune in, they're usually not aware that the fictional town of Moordale High School is actually based on the now-closed Caerleon College campus. Originally a part of the University of South Wales, Caerleon was closed as a result of a merger in 2016.

In recent years, it has been bought by a developer and plans are being made for a massive housing development.

It's likely that the site will remain closed for some time, although it is possible that the university may decide to redevelop it. In any case, Caerleon College has a long history and is home to some successful sporting names including Dragons rugby union players James McCarthy and Tyler Morgan.

Margam Castle

Margam Castle, a 19th century gothic mansion in Port Talbot, doubled as Mountainside Military School during the second series of Sex Education. Its vast stairhall and octagonal tower can be seen from the first episode of season 2.

In the show, Adam’s father Michael forces him to attend the military institution to get his degree, but he struggles with the training exercises and ends up getting expelled after accidentally sexing two other students.

The location looks amazing, with the stunning castle tucked away in the hillside overlooking the River Wye. It feels like a love letter to this beautiful part of the country.

Newport International Sports Village

The first season of Sex Education debuted on Netflix last year and instantly became a hit. Asa Butterfield, Gillian Anderson and Ncuti Gatwa star in the teen comedy that explores friendship, love and sex with great care and finesse.

In the show, a disused campus of University of South Wales in Caerleon serves as Moordale High School. Its stunning architecture is a perfect fit for the American-British high school vibe creators want to create in the series.

Other locations include Margam Country Park and Castle, Newport International Sports Village and Cwmbran Stadium. The swimming pool & tennis centre are both part of Newport International Sports Village, while the running track is located at Cwmbran Stadium.

Cwmbran Stadium

Throughout series three, fans have been able to spot filming locations for Sex Education across Gwent. The former Caerleon Campus, which is now a housing estate, plays a key role in the show.

Cwmbran Stadium is a multi-purpose sports and leisure complex in Cwmbran, with indoor facilities including a bowling alley and swimming pool. It also has an athletics track with associated throw and jump facilities, a football pitch and more.

The running track that Otis has to awkwardly run off in season two was filmed at Henllys Way, Cwmbran. And the shop that Ola and Adam work in is actually a real one, named Brown's, which is located in Llandudno, north Wales.

There are many other locations throughout the series that are filmed in South Wales, including Margam Castle and a beautiful chalet located near Symond's Yat. Here's a list of all the locations featured in each season.

The Chalet

Sex Education has become one of Netflix’s most popular shows in recent years. It features an all-star cast, an honest depiction of sex and relationships, and some of the best filming locations in the world.

The sex education series centers on Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield) and his sex therapist mother Jean Milburn, played by Gillian Anderson. Otis begins the show ambivalent about sex but teams up with a classmate to form an underground sex therapy clinic.

The series is filmed on Caerleon campus, which was once home to 4,500 students from the University of South Wales in Caerleon but shut down in 2016. The 32-acre plot with 20th-century brickwork and a focal clock tower served as perfect filming locations for the American high school vibe that creators were going for.

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