Where is Survivor 41 Filmed?

March 11, 2023

where is survivor 41 filmed

The long-running reality competition series is back with a new season, featuring 18 castaways divided into three tribes. But because of the coronavirus pandemic, Survivor isn't filming at its usual time.

Luckily, CBS has a plan. It's allowing a break from production since May 2020, allowing the network to get the show back up and running in 2021.


The long-running CBS reality series has filmed in warm destinations around the world since its first season, but since 2016 it's been located on the Mamanuca Islands of Fiji. Fans can enjoy the stunning views of these tropical islands while they watch the 18 castaways on the show.

Survivor's newest edition was shot in 2021 and is part of a new era for the series that host Jeff Probst says has taken the game to a whole new level. The season was shortened from the usual 39 days to 26 and featured changes to the format of the competition.

This season also enacted CBS' diversity initiative, with at least 50% of the cast members being people of color. It was also the first Survivor season to not have a cast vote, but rather a live final tribal council.

This season of Survivor was filmed from 2 to 27 May 2022 in Fiji. As the country was under COVID-19 quarantine, the crew was required to undergo a 14-day quarantine upon arrival.


Filming a season of Survivor has never been easy, and that’s especially true for this one. It was originally supposed to begin filming in Fiji in early 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, production had to be delayed until March of 2021.

As you can imagine, the castaways weren’t happy about it. However, Jeff Probst and CBS were able to get everything set up in Fiji, with a safety bubble that covered multiple islands for the entire season.

In the end, it turned out to be a good decision. Not only did it ensure that everyone was safe, but it also allowed for an even more exciting season than before.

Jeff Probst is introducing some new challenges in this season, including a hefty crate challenge that involves male-identifying castaways untying various heavy crates about their own size, heaving them onto their shoulders, and then running and swimming back to shore. It’s not clear what the rest of the challenge entails, but it sounds pretty intense.


If you’re looking for a place to watch the latest season of Survivor, it appears that it will be filmed in Georgia. This state is known for its beaches, and the producers have used its pristine shorelines for several other movies.

Fortunately, you can get to this filming location by car, although it’s not easy to find. To get there, use Interstate 75 to leave Atlanta and then continue on GA Highway 75.

The Walking Dead is a popular television series based on the comic book series by Robert Kirkman. It has become one of the top-rated shows on television, with a cast of characters ranging from an ex-NFL player to a neurosurgeon.

The latest season of Survivor is also featuring many new characters, including a former NFL player, a neurosurgeon, a rancher, several college students, and a stay-at-home mom. However, Jeff Probst is changing the game by introducing new elements that will make this season more unpredictable than ever.


Survivor 41 is filmed in Fiji, a country that has been filming Survivor since 2016. Seasons are usually filmed back-to-back in early summer, then air in the fall and spring of the next year.

For Survivor 41, the show ran over 26 days, rather than the 39-day cycle that it's traditionally had. This was due to the fact that castaways and crew had to undergo a 14-day COVID quarantine before the show began.

The cast includes a mix of returning players and newbies, including Andy from Season 6 and his sister Kate. Master chef Khanh and his sister Amy are also on the season.

While many Survivor seasons have a large number of twists, the Australian season did a lot to make sure that the game was a little different each time. It had a great mix of epic challenges, strong strategic gameplay, big swings in momentum, and even some high drama.

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