Where is The Circle Filmed Season 2?

March 11, 2023

If you're a fan of the Netflix series The Circle, you may be wondering where it is filmed. Despite the establishing shots of American cities that are used throughout, the show is actually based in England.

The show is filmed in a 65-unit apartment building in Salford, a district of Manchester, England. It's called Adelphi Wharf Phase 1.

The UK

The Circle is a unique reality series that sees contestants move into apartment buildings, isolated from everyone else and only communicating via social media. They can either be themselves or a 'catfish' (fake persona), and they have $100,000 at stake.

In the UK, The Circle filmed season 2 in an apartment building in Salford. The building is also the same one used for filming the international versions of The Circle, which are available on Netflix in the U.S., France and Brazil.

According to Tim Harcourt, creator of The Circle, the show filmed the first season in the same apartment building in Salford. Then, they built a huge lit-up circle for the show and put it on the apartment building.

Since the show filmed in England, fans were curious where it was filmed. Harcourt told Vulture that the production crew ran a control room out of an unused university campus building across from the apartment building.

The U.S.

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If you’ve watched the viral hit show The Circle, you know it’s a reality game show where contestants are sequestered in apartments and can only communicate through social media. Some players use fake profiles, but most try to play the game as their real selves.

However, it’s not just the show’s fake-out methods that make The Circle stand out from other reality shows. The show also films in a special apartment building that’s been prepared for the show from the start.

It’s located in Salford, England and is a real apartment building that has been outfitted for the show. The building has twelve furnished and ready-to-use apartments for the cast to live in, along with a gym and yoga room.

In addition to these features, there’s also a large LED-lit circle that was built on the building for filming purposes. The circle consists of a 25-meter diameter aluminum track with LED lights strung around it, according to creator Tim Harcourt in an interview with Vulture.


If you’re not familiar with Netflix’s The Circle, it’s a reality competition series that invites contestants from all walks of life to isolate themselves into single-bedroom apartments so they can play a game without ever interacting face-to-face. Using a specially designed social media platform called the Circle, they rank other contestants in popularity, and are awarded prizes based on their personas.

The show has spawned multiple international versions, including a Brazilian and French version. But you may not be aware of the fact that all the shows are filmed in the same apartment building in Salford, England.

According to Vulture, the building has a giant LED-lit circle slapped on its facade that’s visible in every trailer and episode of the show. It’s actually made of an 82-foot diameter aluminum track with LED lights strung through and around it.

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